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Craig Editorial Board, Jan. 14, 2009, to April 2009

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Joshua Roberts, newspaper representative
  • Collin Smith, newspaper representative
  • Marianna Raftopoulos, community representative
  • Luke Schafer, community representative
  • John Smith, community representative
  • Lois Wymore, community representative

An opportunity has presented itself to the Craig and Moffat County community, an opportunity to settle a few issues at once.

It came in the form of representatives from the Moffat County School District's recent appearance before the Craig City Council to request money it would use to build a second, full-size gymnasium at Craig Middle School.

The money the school district asked for - $150,000 - isn't an insubstantial amount, but those dollars could go far in helping shore up recreational facility needs in the community, the Editorial Board contends.

The School District has enough money to build a small physical education space at CMS. Superintendent Pete Bergmann said that is all the district needs for the school's students and its curriculum.

The Editorial Board is thankful Bergmann did not leave the project at that and instead remembered his School District is part of a community.

His offer to the city is this: Chip in $150,000, and instead of having a small P.E. space only for middle school students, Craig can move closer to having a full-size gym for everyone to use.

City residents will have primary access to the gym every evening and weekend, and there also will be a cardio-exercise room available, Bergmann told the council.

The School District's offer has nothing to do with the existing full-size gym at the middle school. Its offer is to provide something new, at a good price.

Gyms can cost more than $1 million to build. Here, the School District already has a construction crew in place and designs established.

All it needs is a partner, or two.

Seeing how the city has a $431,000 surplus in its general fund, the Editorial Board doesn't see how it can pass on this opportunity.

A city contribution - combined with another $50,000 to $100,000 from another contributor - will give the school district enough to move forward with its enhanced gymnasium plans.

It also would perhaps be enough to satisfy both sides of an at-times contentious debate - the argument about whether Craig needs a full-scale recreation center.

The Editorial Board believes there is truth to both sides of the conversation regarding a recreation center project, which currently is being researched by a volunteer committee.

Yes, a recreation center would be a welcome addition to the community and provide our area with another amenity.

On the other hand, it is also true that local voters have rejected a recreation center in the past and asking them again to fund the project, particularly in these uncertain economic times, is unwise.

A readily accessible School District gymnasium available to the community - open to all comers and host to various activities - is perhaps a compromise to a divisive issue, and fiscally responsible.


als362 6 years ago

What I don't agree with is this rec center stupidity. If the kids need something, I can be for that. But every time this rec center is brought, the only thing people can think of is another new tax. That I am opposed to. If the city has this extra cash, it should be saved to see what else the economy is going to do, not blow another $430,000.00 on a rec center that will benefit only a few. They have already spent too much money on a project that has been voted down several times. The city leaders that spent that money should be taken out of office. This town right now has every form of recreation available you can think of. The one thing that is not here, that is not needed is another new building liability, for the city/county. If the people that want this rec center stupidity can only bounce a ball in a brand new building, then they don't really want to do it that badly. Unless these rec center idiots are willing to bear the entire cost of this thing thmeselves, then I am opposed to it. Let those that will use it pay for it!


boxer21 6 years ago

I didn't want to comment about this rec center subject anymore but it's hard to keep my mouth shut with you als362. You are truly an idiot. I've read all your posts and you are the most negative person i have ever listened to. I can't even begin to explain how much you upset me and I don't even know you. I respect opinions that have backing and reason, and none of your's do. You need to stop expressing your opinion on this because I do not think you realize how dumb you sound. This is just a recommendation from your friend, boxer21. P.S. 90% of your comments use the words "idiocy," or "stupidity." I just thought that was ironic.

As for those who oppose the rec center idea that have good reason for it, and not just comments about how "us rec center folk" need to pay for it all because it only benefits us, or the fact if we want a rec center need to move away to enjoy one, I respect your opinions. This comment has nothing to do with those who are against the rec center who also bring to the table valid points. For those who do not want a rec center and explain why they oppose of it using logic and reasoning, I am listening. For those who want to make comments like that of asl362, you're wasting your time.


als362 6 years ago

To boxer21, up until now every comment you made was in favor of the rec center. So were you telling stories (the nicest way I can put it) before or are you telling us stories now? Make up your mind, because the only thing you get from sitting on a fence is a sore back side. People that constantly switch from one side of an issue to the other are the ones that sound and are dumb. I on the other hand have been steadfastly opposed to this rec center crap (does that make you happier?). I have always made, and will always make negetive comments against it and anything that I believe is as stupid as it is. I can't help if the way I make my points does not please you but I am not here to please you or anyone else. I am here to make my points very clear. If this upsets you I can do nothing about that, nor will I attempt to.


boxer21 6 years ago

als362: I expected a comment like that from you. Also since you have a difficult time comprehending what you read, I never said I was against the rec center. I simply said I was against anyone who commented on the subject like yourself. I am 100% for the rec center and always will be. I have succumbed to the negative side of it, apologized, and went on my way. I am just having a difficult time getting past you. From now on, I will just skim past your comments. Hopefully by doing so will I will eliminate my headaches caused by your thoughtless comments. But tell me one more thing als362. Did you graduate from Moffat County High School? If so, I think we need to put that money towards the high school because they have obviously failed you miserably. I am mad at myself for wasting time with such an incorrigible human being, yet for some reason you amuse me with your antics. I want to leave this alone but I feel forced to keep coming back because of you. I hope for two things. A rec center, and a virus on your computer. (Or carpel tunnel in your hands, so maybe 3 things i hope for) Look on the bright side, the latter two things I hoped for wouldn't cost the tax payers!!!


als362 5 years, 12 months ago

Just putting the proper comment on your comments, they are laughable.


boxer21 5 years, 12 months ago

Happy to make you laugh...you just made my day. I knew we could be friends!!!


greeneyedgurl 5 years, 12 months ago

are you guys holding hands singing kumbaya now? Taxslave-love your comment!


als362 6 years ago

I just can't believe what I see here. Not only does this newspaper not care what its readers want when they write on these pages. They also do not care what the voters say through the ballot.
Here we are again with more liberal, give money away for nothing, thinking it grows on trees, views from the people that are in charge of this rag callled a newspaper. They should all,be run out of town on a rail, and tarred and feathered. More idiocy from the editors!


Really 6 years ago

If you have ever played any Parks & Rec sports or had kids that did, you would realize what a great deal this is! Gym space is always short in the Winter. It would be wonderful to have more gym space - since we probably won't ever get a rec. center. I hope the city helps out with this.


AltitudeAdjustment 6 years ago

Lets see if the community can show up on this one a little more. I propose that a major fundraiser be held in the next two weeks to see how many people are willing to show up and throw down a benjamin to help make this town a better place to live. If you have kids that participate in P&R you should be more than happy to contribute something. Heck MEEKER is willing to do it, why not us? Let's see if we can nibble away at the $150,000 by coming together as a community and pledging to pick up the first $50,000. That is equivalent to $4 bucks a head. Stay home for dinner one night this month, don't rent a movie one night this week, walk to work one day, go with out your pack of smokes for one day, or skip your daily trip to Mathers just onece and we will have more than enough money to pay for it.


als362 6 years ago

I am all for the community using this $150,000.00 for a gym at the middle school or any school. In my opinion schools must come first. I am however opposed to any tax money being used to build a rec center of any kind. I will be over joyed though, if those people that want it do like "attitude adjustment" says and you all donate every thing that it would cost to build it. If that is done, I will even throw in a little myself.
But "No New Taxes!"


taxslave 6 years ago

If you heat your home I'll tax the heat, if you take a walk I'll tax the street.


jitterbug 6 years ago

If your all for the city giving the school district $150,000 then what is your problem with the article? It seems like you agree. More idiocy indeed. We really need the paper to take us seriously but they won't if you keep spouting off like that with nothing relevant to say.

I'm starting to think theres no point in talking to you guys. You just want to complain and nothing is gonna change your minds. Its to bad the comments on here can't be more useful for the community. I'm not for any new taxes either but theres no reason to blame the paper for something they didn't say.

This idea about the school district is stupid though. I'd rather see the city spend it on something to clean all the dust off the streets.


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