John Kinkaid: Heads-up to homeowners


To the editor:

When my new home property tax assessment came a few months ago, I didn't see a fluctuation, I saw an enormous spike.

This is a heads-up for those homeowners who may have just filed the assessment in the closet or thrown it away.

I gave the new assessment to the county treasurer's office and asked for an estimate on what to expect to pay in property taxes next year.

Bottom line: I will owe the county 31 percent more in homeowner's property tax. A 31 percent increase for the next two years. Forget about the county fretting, I'm worried.

If the federal "cap and trade" bill passes and is signed into law, it will be the largest federal tax increase ever passed into law.

Best estimates on just the electricity portion (not natural gas or gasoline) put electric rates increasing an astounding 90 percent.

How much more are you willing pay if cap and tax is enacted?

On a personal note, my home is all electric. I know. Sucks to be me. NASA research shows that the sun's output is cycling. Hmmm. It's not caused by people? Go figure.

By the way, historically, we are in a time of enormous change. You should take time to have a say in the outcome. Let's throw some tea overboard.

John Kinkaid

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als362 7 years, 9 months ago

If you expect more and better schools and other services, then taxes must go up.


oldsage 7 years, 9 months ago

No! I still expect the majority of students who graduate from MoCo High to still fail the janitorial entrance examinations at the power plant. And what services? Thank you very much, I'll keep my money and you can have the services of the good ole boy network!


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