Airport project hits funding shortage


In other action

The commission also:

Approved, 2-0, two personnel requisitions - one for a full-time Social Services case worker, and the other for two temporary pest management technicians.

The county has budgeted for all positions.

Both pest management technicians will last for 14 weeks this summer and are partly paid for by a government grant that covers 85 percent of their salaries.

The county will pay the remainder, plus an additional 10 percent for fringe benefits.

Officials plan to let go of their seasonal help one week earlier than usual to cover the additional local expenses.

The county hopes to use the two technicians to search for and destroy yellow starthistle, a noxious weed that can harm livestock when eaten.

— When local officials decided to renovate the Craig/Moffat County Airport last year, they intended to install a new terminal at the same time as putting down a new overlay on the front parking lot.

However, purchase and installation bids for the terminal building came in too high for the airport board to have any funds left for the parking lot.

Thus, the board, along with the city and county, decided to delay the parking lot renovation until this year, when the airport would have $150,000 in Federal Aviation Administration entitlement funds to spend.

That still may not be enough, Airport Manager Jerry Hoberg told the Moffat County Commission at its Tuesday meeting.

Bids for a two-inch asphalt overlay on the parking lot came in about $15,000 more than officials have to spend, Hoberg said. The high cost is, he added, primarily because of federal project requirements.

Hoberg said he understands having those requirements - such as compressing the asphalt to a higher degree - when they apply to a runway, but the parking lot in question is outside the airport's fencing and is only for street traffic.

He hopes to get permission to use less stringent specifications for the project, in which case the airport could pay for the project with its FAA funds.

If he is turned down, Hoberg said he will not ask the city or county for more money but will instead recommend the airport board roll over its FAA money from this year to 2010.

Then, the board will have two years worth of funding, equal to $300,000, and can pay for the project.


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