Magazine ranks Craig among top outdoor destinations


Top 10 places

to live for sportsmen

1. Lewiston, Idaho

2. Marquette, Mich.

3. Idaho Falls, Idaho (TIE)

3. Rawlins, Wyo. (TIE)

5. Pocatello, Idaho

6. Bismarck, N.D.

7. Sheridan, Wyo.

8. Pierre, S.D.

9. Rochester, Minn.

10. Carbondale

Source: www.outdoorlife.c...

Terry Carwile, Sportsman's Information Officer, thinks Craig is one of the best towns for sportsmen to live in.

"We certainly belong in the upper echelon, whatever that consists of," Carwile said. "We're home to two of the biggest elk herds in the United States, and we have an unparalleled level of outdoor activities."

Outdoor Life magazine seems to agree with him. The magazine has recently issued rankings of the top 200 towns for sportsmen to live in, and Craig came in at No. 35.

The national hunting and fishing magazine issued its second annual poll May 28, and named Lewiston, Idaho as the top town for hunters and anglers to live in. Three other Idaho locations made appearances in the top 10, as well as Carbondale, which was ranked 10th. Colorado also was represented with Granby at No. 14, Colorado Springs at No. 18 and Rifle at No. 28.

According to the magazine, the poll used extensive data on available sporting opportunities and quality of life.

Slightly more weight was given to outdoor-related factors, which included gun-friendliness, huntable and fishable species, proximity to public hunting and fishing, and the potential for taking a trophy animal or fish.

The quality of life index assessed socioeconomic factors such as affordable housing, quality of education, and median income.

"Outdoorsmen want world-class hunting and fishing, but like everyone else, they also want to have a high quality of life," said Todd Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Outdoor Life in a news release. "The towns on this list offer the best of the outdoors as well as decent homes and schools and good-paying jobs. They are truly dream towns for sportsmen."

Carwile said that Colorado sporting destinations have upheld a long-standing reputation for pristine wilderness and trophy hunting and fishing.

"When you talk to hunters and folks who come here from out of state, they've been doing it for many years," he said. "I think we have an unmatched reputation."

As for Craig's competition within Colorado, Carwile said that Craig's hunting opportunities and unmatched access to public land are more desirable than the population and industrial growth on the Front Range.

Having lived in Colorado Springs, Carwile sees the sporting opportunities being overtaken by urban sprawl.

"I could go out after school and go hike or ride my bike and get some place where I could shoot a rifle or go fishing and that's not the case any more," he said about his former home. "It's still a magnificent setting, but it's the worst example of sprawl. It is growing like crazy."

Carwile sees the remote location and small population as an advantage for sportsmen who choose to visit or live in Craig.

"We have 13 or 14 thousand people on 4,500 square miles," he said. "We're probably still in the category of frontier up here. We're working our way up, but the downside to that is you get popular and get more people."

But despite what Outdoor Life may say each year, Carwile maintains his own rankings.

"To me, we're on top, " he said.

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creationist_scm 7 years, 10 months ago

Craig at 35 and Rawlins tied for 3rd??? No offense to that great windy town, but Craig is definitely not 32 spots lower than Rawlins. I would choose Craig any day over Rawlins.


creationist_scm 7 years, 10 months ago

Hi Italiris,

Actually, I live in Colorado Springs now...moved from Craig 4 years ago. Urban sprawl is correct...I agree with your comments totally.


Denise Bagley 7 years, 10 months ago

I agree creationist_scm. I would also add that I don't agree with the position they placed Colorado Springs. I lived in Colorado Springs for over ten years before my husband and I moved up to the Yampa Valley and there is no comparison. Colorado Springs is a great city with lots of nearby outdoor opportunities, but there are also a LOT more people you are sharing the outdoors with down there. We visit family down there every and are so thankful when we are driving back home to Craig!


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