Mary Jo Brown: Month of June brings in changes


We're in June, another month, week and day starting.

The change is evident - warmer days and longer daylight hours. Activities also are different.

Mondays still are Mondays, but topics are different. Now, there's talk of picnics, fishing and vacations, among others.

One thing I notice is more people going for walks. People with little dogs stopping along the street, big dogs straining against leashes and either hurrying or trying to hurry their owners.

Then, there are birthdays.

This week, I have Judy Southard, Devan Reece and Helen Dobbs.

A get well and a speedy recovery to Harriet Decker, Mary Jane Lindley, Joan Bailey, Millie Bilsing, Maria Greenwald, Twila Holms, Shannon Samuelson, Patricia Bartles, Don Valdez, Katie Wood-Buttram, Junior Sisneros and Mary Deathridge.

The Sunset Meadows I potluck is at noon every Friday. Bring a friend, and we always like it when folks bring some news from the community.

For more information, call me at 824-2139.

Mary Jo Brown


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