Workshop designed to give women inspiration during hard times


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What: Pink Positive Ladies Workshop

When: 2 to 6 p.m. Friday

Where: Holiday Inn of Craig, 300 S. Colo. Highway 13

• Tickets are $67, and everyone who attends gets two free books, and a free relaxation CD. Food also will be provided. For more information or to make your reservation, call 970-879-7277.

With a world leaving people in hard times, one local woman said she wants to go around the country to bring some light back to women.

"I want women to come away from this with a better sense of purpose for their lives," said Cammi Montieth, of Craig, a naturopathic doctor who is organizing a workshop for women Friday. "Learn to reduce negative areas of their lives and to have the tools they need to handle anything that comes their way."

Montieth is organizing Friday's Pink Positive workshop for women at the Holiday Inn of Craig. She has another seminar planned in Steamboat Springs and, after that, numerous ones around the state.

Craig's workshop has room for 50 women, and all spots are selling fast.

For one woman, learning to handle life as it comes, as Montieth preaches, has at times been a challenge.

When Beth Strait, an 18-year-old from Stagecoach, went to Montieth for help relieving her arthritic pain, she didn't expect to find a lending hand with other problems.

Strait, who suffers from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, knew that some of the possible side effects of her medication were cataracts, but she still wasn't prepared for the reality of them. Throughout eight months, she developed cataracts that started making her blind in both eyes.

Her insurance would not cover the expensive surgery because the company said she could wear glasses.

"It wasn't realistic for me to be put in such thick eye glasses that would just continue to get thicker every few months because I'm just 18," Strait said.

To help Strait, Montieth decided to give all the money raised during the Craig and Steamboat Springs' workshops to help pay for her surgery. Other speakers and presenters at the workshop are supporting Montieth by donating their time.

The four-hour workshop will include lectures by award-winning speakers and authors, including Montieth, a yoga class, and a nutrition class directed specifically to women.

"A lot of people are really stressed out right now, I've noticed," Montieth said. "So my speech focuses on never giving up."

Montieth also will be discussing eight things she said can destroy a woman's life.

Strait will be attending the workshop in Steamboat Springs with her mother.

Her first surgery on the right eye was completed earlier this year, and the second was completed a month ago.

"Between the time that I had surgery in my right and my left eye, my left eye went completely blind," Strait said. "It went white, and you could see the cataracts,"

During that time, Strait carried a magnifying glass to school to be able to see the writing in her textbooks, and she sat in the front row of her classes to try to see better.

Now that surgery has been successful in both eyes, Strait's family has been left thousands of dollars in debt.

So far, seats are filling up fast for both workshops, which means the money will help relieve Strait's debt.

Strait already has read Montieth's book, "Get Real," and attributes some of her positive outlook to her.

"Cammi has a really good program, it's helped a lot," Strait said. "I hope a lot of people come."


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