Ryan Neece: Government is solution


To the editor:

The long-standing battle between big business and big government has been raging for years, decades, perhaps even centuries.

Yet, neither side has conceded defeat, and nor shall they for years to come. The argument is bitter, and audacious, complex, and yet, surprisingly simple.

On one side, you have the looming "monster" of the government, and if I'm to believe some, this monster wants to kill me and my family, take my money and turn us all into godless heathens serving a fascist leader.

This is ludicrous.

You see, we have laws and rules, regulations and policies for a reason.

Without them, greed and corruption would destroy our nation, and force us to become even more of an oligarchy than we already are.

Now, some undoubtedly will say that I'm wrong, that the liberal agenda is blinding me.

But I have proof.

Bernie Madoff, the capitalist and Ponzi schemer extraordinaire, is an example of why, for God's sake, we need the system set in place, and why we have needed them, and why we continue to need them.

He was sentenced to 150 years in prison for stealing an estimated $64.8 billion, according to The New York Times. Now, this is with the system we have in place. How much do you think he could've gotten away with if the "evil" system of laws and restrictions weren't in place?

It'd be like a game, guess the closest number, and suddenly your entire life savings is gone, and you're forced into destitution.

But, the fun lives on.

More examples? The list is endless. Another household name is Kenneth Lay, of Enron, who was convicted of bank fraud, making false statements to banks and auditors, securities fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy, and finally, insider trading.

Yes, these two seemed like perfectly respectable men, and I'm sure they were stealing billions for the good of their clients, employees and America.

Now, I feel I must say this: Please just put aside your political ideology for a moment, and let's focus on the issue itself.

Would you, the average American citizen, the hardworking person trying to provide a better future for your children, really want people like these two in charge of your money, future and safety? Two people who will do anything they can to make themselves richer, no matter the cost or harm to others.

Without the government stepping in to limit the power of people like this, greed, corruption and thievery would pervade the system and would destroy everything the capitalists stand for.

Government is the solution to the problem.

Ryan Neece


John Kinkaid 7 years, 9 months ago

Yes, some oversight and regulations are indeed needed.

If Barney (Freddie and Fannie) Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy ( I have my own Air Force Gulf Stream 5) Pelosi, John (I have my own pork barrel paid for airport) Murtha, Ted (bridge to nowhere) Stevens are the solution heaven help us. I would argue that the government is greedy, too. How about if we do a better job of overseeing them?

But to make the blank statement that government is the answer. Wow. Maybe that's not what you really meant.


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