Alphi Bennett: Hazards need attention


To the editor:

I have known and been friends with a few truckers in my life, and I personally do not have a problem with them as an industry. The trucking industry is one of the major backbones of the economy of the great United States of America. No argument.

My concern, Mr. Maintenance Manager for the company with the shop just a little north of First Street, is the hazard to people, vehicles, streets and old buildings in the downtown area. You obviously realize you are one of the biggest offenders, or you would not have responded to my letter.

I rarely, if ever, see a City Market, Safeway or WalMart truck on our downtown streets. Your trucks, as well as tankers hauling hazardous material, livestock, heavy equipment and others are an every day occurrence. UPS, RAC, assorted delivery trucks, city trucks, and some others have to use city streets.

Those of you who cause the hazards do not have to use city streets and could and should go around on First Street.

Your tax dollars are not the only ones at work here. We all pay taxes. I do not think the people of Craig are showing you any "disrespect and impatience." The proof is the other way around with a letter such as yours, when a citizen makes a suggestion of you using a safer route for all concerned, and then you resort to name-calling.

Instead of telling me to fight for a good route, you can make a suggestion of how you think improvements should be made. After all, you hopefully will be a company that will use that route.

Yes, Craig city government needs to look at the existing truck route and think ahead for the hospital and college traffic influx to come.

A street light at First and Ranney, and another one at east U.S. Highway 40 and First Street near the former drive-in theater, plus good signs to enforce traffic to follow that route, would be beneficial.

I hope when the City receives results of the recent traffic study, this critical issue will be addressed to all people's satisfaction.

Alphi Bennett


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