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Craig Editorial Board, January 2009 to April 2009

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There is much to love about Moffat County, but every now and then we all find something to complain about.

We see something we don't like and think, "I know how to change this and make it better."

The problem is that too often we do not share our ideas with the people who can change things - the members of the board or commission that advises the Moffat County Commission.

Moffat County's Web site states:

"Moffat County has many boards and commissions which provide opportunities for citizens to participate in the process of local government. These boards and commissions advise and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on a variety of government functions and issues. Citizen volunteers provide a valuable service to our community through their active participation in local affairs."

Going straight to the Moffat County commissioners, while welcomed, is not always the best way to effect change. There are smaller, more specific boards and commissions for many, many things in our community, and each of these boards is charged with gathering information, sorting through the issues on their specific topic and making recommendations for action to the commissioners.

Serving on all of these boards is voluntary. Often, the members are simply concerned citizens who want to make a difference.

However, they will not be able to make things better if they do not know what is wrong, or how we think it could be better.

As a reminder, here is a list of all the boards and commissions in Moffat County:

• 14th Judicial Community Corrections Board

• Airport Board

• Board of Appeals

• Cemetery Board

• Colorado Water Conservancy Board

• Council on Aging

• EMS Council

• Moffat County Fair

• Hamilton Community Hall

• Health Insurance Board

• Hospital Board

• Housing Authority Board

• Land Use Board

• Library Board

• Maybell Community Center

• Maybell Sewer Board

• Maybell Volunteer Fire Department Board

• Moffat County Finance Corporation

• Museum of Northwest Colorado Advisory Board

• Planning and Zoning Commission

• Retirement Board

• Tourism Board

If you are unsure of who is on one of these boards, or you are interested in serving on a board, call 824-5517 or e-mail emiller@moffatcounty.net.

The key things are knowing that these boards exist and letting their members know when we see problems or things that can be improved.

Whether it is a housing dispute, a museum exhibit we would like to see, a tourism opportunity, a health-related issue or something else entirely, the boards want to hear our ideas.

Let's all do our part to make our county better and share those ideas with the volunteers who serve on the related board.


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