Sandy Beran: Enjoying the animals


Enjoying the animals

To the editor:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the deer population in Craig.

I have walked among them near the high school, watched them from my car (occasionally having to avoid them in the road), and felt their gentle presence outside my home at times in the evening.

There are certain considerations we need to follow in order to successfully cohabitate, but these are well worthwhile.

Local people have offered many suggestions to deer-proofing areas of our yards and dealing with other concerns. When we are driving in city limits, we need to be aware and drive so as not to endanger anyone, animal or person.

That is simply safe driving.

I am so glad that Craig still is the wild western town that it is. In many ways, we have not been "sanitized" as many other places in our state have been. I think there is a natural justice in the fact that Craig advertises itself as the "hunting capital of the world" to draw in hunters from all over, but we also offer sanctuary to these animals. By this interaction, we are able to appreciate them as something more than just a target.

We have a real life illustration to teach our children this respect for life and co-existence in our world today.

Sandy Beran



chidrenofgod 8 years, 2 months ago

I agree respect life above all else, people included, wonderfully put!


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