Monty Ages: Deer add character


Deer add character

To the editor:

It is strange how people tend to forget things quickly. To me, it was like yesterday. A few years ago, the Division of Wildlife decided to kill off more than 1,000 deer because they said they were diseased animals.

Supposedly, they were all infected with Chronic Wasting Disease. It turned out that a very small percentage of these animals in fact were infected.

Had they taken care of these animals properly, the meat could have been distributed through the food banks and/or given to needy families in our community.

Even if it was only 50 pounds a animal, that would total 50,000 pounds of meat or hamburger.

To my knowledge, every one of these animals was wasted. Many animals were killed needlessly.

Then, more recently, the winter of 2007 became very harsh and unforgiving on our big game herds.

Unfortunately, the DOW failed to step up to the plate and start helping the animals until late January.

By that time, the animals were in such poor condition that all the food in the world would not help them. Consequently, a very large number of them died of starvation.

It was evident during the 2008 big game hunting season that there was a large number of resident and nonresident hunters that did not fill their tags or even see any animals.

As a city that boasts to being the elk capital of Colorado, we need to protect our resources and not let these type of incidents continue happening.

As far as the deer that roam throughout the city, they should be left alone. They are just trying to survive.

As a hunter myself, if I see a large buck in the city limits, it just encourages me to feel I have better chances of success in the field. Deer in town just adds to the list of attractions when traveling in western towns.

If it is accidents you are afraid of, you need to drive the posted speed limits.

If you're afraid of them on the sidewalks, don't worry. The city doesn't seem to have the money or manpower to clean the sidewalk off, at least on the east side of town.

Bottom line, the deer need to be left alone. They add an extra bit of character to the city.

Monty Ages


davesanrn 8 years, 3 months ago

They add an extra bit of ticks to my yard, as well as take away an extra bit of my plants.


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