Man on the street for Jan. 21

Inauguration Day, in their own words



Mike Snyder


Judy Lewis


Vicki Knight


Lyn Howe


Ellisa Doolin


Jaime Beason

With President Barack Obama's inauguration Tuesday, the Craig Daily Press took to the street to ask local residents on what his swearing in means to them.

"I think the country is in for a very big change. This is something that nobody expected. I mean, it's got to be better than the last eight years."

- Vicki Knight

"I think it's pretty cool to be a part of history in the making, because it's definitely one day that nobody is going to forget. It's definitely going to go down in history as one of the most important presidential elections. "

- Ellisa Doolin

"I think we're all pretty happy that Bush is out of the office. Maybe a change of color, just a change of something might change our outlook. Maybe (having) a black president will give us a better outlook on how we can change our point of view of people."

- Mike Snyder

"Wonderful (about the inauguration). People have a lot of hope right now, and I sure hope he doesn't let us down. I'm just waiting to see if everything follows through. Everybody's excitement and eagerness for him to be elected, I hope that follows through in the four years, and we're just as excited in four years as we are now."

- Lyn Howe

"I didn't vote for him. I'm willing to be open-minded about it and see what he can do. They keep saying 'Change.' Change in what? Is it a change in government? If he can really do it, I haven't seen much change in the last 30 years, when they all say we're going to change. But maybe he will."

- Judy Lewis

"It was a big change in history, wonderful change in history. Me, as a black person, it has meant a lot. For my grandparents, for my mother, they couldn't eat in certain restaurants years ago. So it's amazing. : It's a great change, and he has great ideas, and hopefully, he will be a good president."

- Jaime Beason


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