Bill Ronis: Leave Yampa River alone


Leave Yampa River be

To the editor:

I, too, read the article in The Denver Post about the water rights filed by Shell Oil Co. and the Front Range to take our water from the Yampa River.

The Front Range will always be trying to take our water as long as the population keeps growing. I just hope our local legislators protect the Yampa from that.

But as far as Shell Oil is concerned, why are they spending money to: one, ruin the pristine beauty of the Yampa and the desert land where they want to put the reservoir; and two, ruin the pristine beauty of the desert land they want to blast away to get the oil out of the shale. It's not only the beauty of the area, it is all the animals that will be displaced and destroyed as well.

How much oil are they going to get out of the shale? Probably not enough to even put a dent in our dependence on foreign oil. What if instead they used the millions of dollars to help develop a battery that is affordable, small and light and holds a charge to move a car 300 or 400 miles? Would that not be money better spent? I think that would show a responsibility towards the future, and show a responsibility to protect our planet.

Please leave the Yampa River alone.

Bill Ronis


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