David Morris: Let's protect the Yampa River


Let's protect the Yampa

To the editor:

According to recent articles in the Denver Post and the Craig Daily Press, people here in Moffat County are expected to roll over and watch as two huge and powerful entities fight it out over who is going to preside over the ultimate destruction of the Yampa River.

This battle is taking place between the Fort Collins Water Authority, which wants our water for the people on the Front Range, and Shell Oil, which is claiming Yampa runoff for its future large-scale shale oil extraction projects. Both entities would like to siphon massive quantities of Yampa water into a gigantic reservoir north of Maybell, from which it will be transported elsewhere.

The incredible irony is that these organizations are battling each other over who gets to help themselves to our water, without even consulting the opinions of the people who live here.

Both entities state that they will only take "so much" of our water.

Don't believe it, folks - once they get a foot in the door, no amount of water will ever be enough to satisfy either of them. As soon as we have a couple of dry years, or as the demands for our water increases throughout time, the amount of water removed from the Yampa will increase.

Even if that were not the case, artificially controlling runoff flows will impact our river and our county in negative ways.

Instead of relying on our water, what should these thirsty entities do?

Well, large oil companies should get busy developing viable sources of alternative energy. It has to be done in any case, as there is only so much oil to be had no matter how much drilling gets done. Oil shale development is not a long-term answer to our energy problems.

As for the Front Range, they need to figure out better ways to manage their own water needs. If they want more water, let them destroy their own water systems to get it - the Poudre might be a good place for them to start.

The Yampa is the life-blood and the heart of Moffat County, and we need to protect it. We must stand up to corporate bullies who insist on having their way with our water without even talking to us about it.

David Morris



als362 8 years, 3 months ago

I think the time has come to dam the Yampa. Make it large enough to back water up to Tri-State's river pump house. Then maybe these stupid Squawfish, that the federal government has wasted billions of dollars on over the last 25 years. And the killing of fish in the river by the DOW and the US Fish and Wildlife service, will become a dead and extinct issue as it should be. Then we can introduce some Walleye that are really worth catching and eating. This area could have some of the best fishing in the country, if it was managed as a fishery instead of a way for people to have a useless job and waste money. Besides that, the city and county will reap water and monetary rewards from this type of project. Dam the Squawfish! Full speed ahead!


trout2k 8 years, 3 months ago

David Morris, You ROCK! People need to take Heed to your words or we will be in one heck of a mess in the not-so-distant future!!


Really 8 years, 3 months ago

trout2k, I agree! Leave our water alone! They are talking about building a dam on the north fork of the Poudre, which will hopefully get that part of the front range to stop looking at our river. If they need water in Piceance Basin why not take it out of the Colorado? It is much bigger and much closer to there.


hunter 8 years, 3 months ago

It issad to see all of our resources stripped from our lands. The reason why they do not want to mess wit the Colorado is simple. They have already tapped it and are using it now. They simply want more.

Oil Shale is astupid idea in every sense. I tend to not side with environmental groups, but as I have see the Pianence Basin Destroyed, I hate oil companies more and more. If these companines want to change the future the power lies in making small homeowners/businesses have the ability to get off the grid or even put energy back into the grid. We must look to find ways of having each home be solar powered. Not on a larger scale but on an individual or group scale. We need to forget about massive wind farms and get ways of harvesting the wind that blows across our roofs and not across several 1000,000,000 acreas of wild lands.

I could go on and on. Hopefully we will never see large scale oil shale work. For hte sake of our wildlife, and our childern.


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