Our View: Snow removal essential


Craig Editorial Board, January 2009 to April 2009

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Jennifer L. Grubbs, newspaper representative
  • Collin Smith, newspaper representative
  • Marianna Raftopoulos, community representative
  • Luke Schafer, community representative
  • John Smith, community representative
  • Lois Wymore, community representative

Craig residents are all too familiar with snow-covered sidewalks, streets and parking spaces. We know to walk slowly and watch where we step.

After all, there may be ice lurking beneath that light dusting of snow, causing us to slip and fall, or the snow may be deeper than we think, making us sink down into it when we step.

But while we cannot do anything about the weather and all of the snow and ice it brings, we can control the safety and look of our city by taking the time or spending the money to clear away piles of snow, or break up ice. We also can make sure our city and county officials and business owners know that we expect not to have to park across the street because of a snow berm left by plows, or potentially slip on a gutter or sidewalk covered in snow and ice.

Our city depends on the tourists who travel through Craig in the fall and winter, and one of the ways we can keep them coming back is by making their stay pleasant - and safe. That includes paying attention to how things look throughout the city as our visitors are driving around, and making sure they can get where they're going without scrapes or bruises.

And in these trying economic times, it is even more important to draw customers into businesses. An important part of this is making sure people of all ages - whether tourists or residents - can get to the businesses. That may mean being able to find parking, or crossing a gutter safely, or not worrying about slipping and falling. It is important to take care of this in a timely and appropriate manner.

Another thing to remember about snow removal is that we all benefit from working together to deal with it.

So many people may get hung up on who is or is not paying for a fair share of the cost that it derails the whole process. We all need to work together to make snow removal work, pitching in where we can to help others.

On that note, we think the city, county and state need to better coordinate plowing efforts to ensure that on-street parking does not get taken over by snow berms.

These berms can make it hard to get across the gutter and onto the sidewalk, or they can completely displace parking spots. In these cases, plowing is not enough. Removal efforts are needed, too, with the snow hauled off the street, gutter and sidewalk. We have the resources to do this, at all three levels of government; we just need to make this a priority. We know this may post logistical problems at first, but it is worth exploring as an option.

One way to alleviate this might be spreading out the snow piles on warmer days (any day when the temperature is above freezing), such that the snow and ice can melt and drain, leaving them clear until the next storm blows through.

And residents should do their part, too, by clearing sidewalks and de-icing where appropriate.

We all must work together to ensure that our streets and sidewalks are safe for all. Our residents and businesses are depending on it - both for safety and appearance.


lisa 8 years, 3 months ago

This editorial was so unfair! How about the idiot that wrote this, plow the streets the next time we get a storm. When theses city guys get the call at 4 in the morning that it needs done so all you whiney people can get to work, they call you instead. Then you can see how frustrating it is to try and get close to the curb but can't because cars are parked on the street. Have you ever considered that the streets downtown are like they are because the sidewalks are shoveled to the gutter, then cars park there, packing the snow down? Then when it does warm up, there is no chance for it to melt and drain because it has been packed down? Same with property owners. The same ones that whine because it costs too much to water your yard in the summer are the ones that shovel the snow into the street in winter. Put it on your yard, help out mother nature!!! And last but not least, if you don't like the snow, MOVE!!!!! Snow in Craig, CO during the winter is pretty much a guarantee like Christmas on Dec. 25.


lonelyone 8 years, 3 months ago

I think the idiot that wrote this has a very good point!! I hate going downtown during the winter because of these berms. You can't park like your suppose to because of them, you can't get to the sidewalk safely because of them and please tell me lisa, where are the downtown business people suppose to put the snow when they shovel their sidewalks......if they even shovel them?? I know the guys who have to run the plows have a hard time getting it done right because of the cars parked in the way. Maybe those cars should be towed......if left on Yampa and Victory way during the night. We could put up signs like Steamboat does that says NO Parking during certain night time hours so the crews could plow. But then you have the problem of whose going to do the plowing because from what I have heard, the state doesn't want to plow them because they are city streets and the city doesn't want the job because they are part of the hihgway system. We have the Art Walk coming up and will have lots of foot traffic on Yampa. Some of the businesses last year paid a pretty good chuck of change to have snow removed from in front of their store just so the people walking around could do so without climbing mountains! I understand there are no easy answers and I am mostly talking about the downtown streets, not residential. I think that is a whole different problem.


xrsareus 8 years, 3 months ago

Why reinvent the wheel, How does Steamboat do it? They get way more snow than we do. I think there the State and City work together. I do agree nightime is the time to clear the downtown area. There should be not parking during the winter at night. The State is on 24 hr shifts and if it isn't snowing they might be able to help with the downtown snow removal. Craig maintain's the streets downtown in the summer. (sweeping and washing down the streets) even though they are State highways. Why not winter? I do know the State sweeps the roads through Steamboat. When is the last time you saw a State sweeper on Victory or Yampa. Maybe Steamboat and CDOT talk in Steamboat....


maverick 8 years, 3 months ago

Craig doesn't remove snow, they relocate snow. The snow is moved into driveways and that immediately turns to ice and cannot be moved when you return home. Lisa, that's why you pay taxes (pretty high here in Craig). The city needs to plow to the middle and then remove the snow. The crews do a good job with what they are told to do but the solution is backwards, I believe.


greeneyedgurl 8 years, 3 months ago

City of Steamboat removes the snow through downtown after the state has plowed. They do it at night; put it all in the center and haul if off. They know if they let it burm up then it lowers their downtown appeal. Right now with the mountain under construction, downtown is what they are promoting to their tourists. Many of the new buildings downtown have heated sidewalks so the problem is avoided all together.


lostyermarbles 8 years, 3 months ago

Maybe we could melt some of the snow and get some of our county jail residents to mop the filthy entry way in the south facing entry of the court house and be green.


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