Frances Chisholm: Where is TV guide?


To the editor:

I am not sure why the Craig Daily Press chose to not publish the TV guide either daily or at least the weekly TV guide. I prefer the daily because my friends and a lot of senior citizens I spoke with like to check daily so if we are gone to another event, concert or whatever, we can tape the program we missed. In other words, we would like to know ahead of time what is on because TV guide and the one on TV that rolls around only show an hour or so at a time, not two or five hours so we know what we want to see and what is happening to make our plans.

There are lots of other columns that are not as important as this is to seniors, and others feel the same way. It is important to many readers that we have a TV guide, like the one that you printed daily for so many years.

I just hope you realized in the months you haven't been printing it, it is a great loss to lots and lots of subscribers and readers.

Just please put it back in like it never should have been discontinued. I sure hope you will, as we would appreciate it so much.

I've subscribed to the paper for 35 years.

Thanks and the best to all.


Frances Chisholm,



als362 8 years, 2 months ago

Hello Frances; The reason that this paper dropped the TV guide, is because they don't care about you or me or anybody else in this community. Several people have complained here about the TV guide, but it is still gone. Many months ago this newspaper ran its own poll asking people if they wanted the spanish pages or not. It was stated at about 90+% that people did not want the spanish page, but it is still here. This to me is proof enough that the people that run this paper care only about their advertisers and any liberal group that they can attach themselves to. We will wait to see if the paper deletes this comment like the last one I made concerning the practices of this paper.


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