The Moffat County Democrats voted Jan. 8 to give the Boys & Girls Club of Craig $250 to fix roof leaks that caused the damages in the club's main reception office, pictured above. The group also is planning to host a fundraiser next month to benefit the club.

Photo by Bridget Manley

The Moffat County Democrats voted Jan. 8 to give the Boys & Girls Club of Craig $250 to fix roof leaks that caused the damages in the club's main reception office, pictured above. The group also is planning to host a fundraiser next month to benefit the club.

County Democrats to help local group pay for roof repair

Griffith: Damages to Boys & Girls Club didn't endanger occupants


At the Moffat County Democrats' meeting Jan. 8 at the Boys & Girls Club of Craig, group member Lois Wymore saw something that concerned her.

She observed a light dangling from its fixture and water leaking around its electrical wires in the building's main reception area - the aftereffects of a leaking roof.

"I think it's dangerous," she said, adding that she was concerned the leak could have posed a hazard to children and employees.

David Griffith, APH Construction, Inc. president and owner, however, said the leak didn't pose any fire or electrical danger.

"It was no big deal at all, about any of it," he added.

Griffith estimated the building sustained $400 to $500 in interior damages, and roof patching could cost as much or less.

By those figures, repairs could cost as much as $1,000.

A donation from the Moffat County Democrats will help. The group voted at its meeting last week to give $250 to the Boys & Girls Club of Craig for roof repair. The group, which holds its meetings in the club building, also is planning to host a fundraiser next month to benefit the club.

Griffith and City Manager Jim Ferree removed sheetrock from beneath the six-foot-square area in the reception area's ceiling where the roof had leaked in several places. The patch was heavy and waterlogged, Ferree said, and it looked as if it could have fallen down.

Griffith made repairs to the leaks he could find Saturday.

The roof began leaking last month. Alternating periods of hot and cold weather had caused ice dams to build up on top of the building. Screws holding down insulation also had poked holes in the roof.

"That building is protected by circuit breakers and everything else, so there was never a problem" with water running into a light fixture, Griffith said.

It's too early to tell if the roof is leaking in other areas. Extensive snow cover has made a thorough check of the building impossible, Ferree said.

The leaks, which began in December, didn't impede services offered at the club, said Dana Duran, Boys & Girls Club of Craig executive director.

Duran added club administrators will create a more permanent solution in the spring.

The club's next task: paying for repairs.

Per its lease agreement with the city, the Boys & Girls Club is responsible for paying up to $500 in repairs on the building. Any fixes more than that amount are to be paid by the city.

The club is "really thankful" for the Moffat County Democrats' donation, Duran said.

The club will rely on community donations to pay for the rest of the repairs.

Moffat County Democrats are looking to help again.

The group is planning to host a chili supper fundraiser from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 28. The fundraiser's location has not yet been finalized.

All proceeds will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Craig.

The club "has been a huge asset," Wymore said. "They need to keep it."

For more information about donating to the Boys & Girls Club of Craig, call 826-0411.

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lonelyone 7 years, 11 months ago

what about the money raised at the Cowboy Christmas? Why can't they use some of those funds for repairs?


freeman 7 years, 11 months ago



oldgezzer 7 years, 11 months ago

what many people dont realize is all money raised gets sent off to corporate then only 50% of that money comes back to craig. so keep that in mind if you are going to donate to the b&gc. they try to keep this secret so many people will think that all that money stays here. what does that money at corporate go to? thats right, to start b&gcs' elswhere.


lonelyone 7 years, 11 months ago

oldgezzer, If you are correct, I think many people who donate at the Cowboy Christmas might not dig so deep into their pocket books. I am surprised.....well not really that funds get sent to denver and then doled out to us as they see fit. SSDD. When I donate I want my money to stay in Craig. Bryce, I don't know if you can or will check this out, but it would be nice to know if oldgezzer is right.


bjacobson 7 years, 11 months ago

Actually, oldgezzer is incorrect in this case. The Boys and Girls Club of Craig does not send 50% of it's money to Boys and Girls Club of America. The money raised remains at this club with the exception of a membership payment which is about 1% of the money raised. But, even that 1% fee pays for many things that benefit the young people of Craig though the Boys and Girls Club such as grant applications on it's behalf, curriculum and much, much more. As far as keeping any secrets that is untrue as well, as vice president of that board I know that the books of the Boys and Girls club of Craig are open to anyone who wants to come see them.

Please let me or the director Dana Duran know if you have any other questions.

Thanks Bryce Jacobson


oldgezzer 7 years, 11 months ago

well then there should be plenty of money to fix the roof. and maybe pay more than one dollar a year for rent on their building too. i was in the non-profit sector before i know how it works. tell them what you want, bryce.


oldgezzer 7 years, 10 months ago

i apologize for my misinformed opinions, i guess i shouldnt believe everything i read in the paper and hear from associates of the club.


lonelyone 7 years, 11 months ago

Thank you Bryce. oldgezzer, I do believe the dollar a year for rent is the same kind of deal that the youth detention deal had. The National Guard didn't want the building anymore and right at the moment I can't remember if they gave the building to the city or if the rent goes to the Guard, but it was a way to get someone in to use the building and keep it from falling down. As for the rest of your statement, I have no answer as I don't know just what kind of funds the b&g club actually has.


AreWeSure 7 years, 11 months ago

Seem like they are needing more money... The Halloween Party was a disappointing and there aren't as many things for the kids to do. I really noticed it this last summer.


oldgezzer 7 years, 11 months ago

simply put this community pays for the club every day. the city bought that building for 250K. the city is probably making payments on that loan. were do they get that money from, you got it our taxes. they also pick up the bill for the water, sewer, and trash. the county carts kids there from school in the afternoon in school buses our taxes pay for. this is a bigger snow job than the hospital. once a club is started they are on their own to raise the money for opperating costs. b&gcs' own website boasts that major league baseball donates 35 million a year. where does that money go? to start clubs elsewhere, it would be interesting to know how much of that makes it here. yes by law a non-profit must show their budget to anyone that asks for it, but if one were to ask for it, the first question they would ask you is why? non-profits dislike scrutiny. chances are if you dont have an excellent reason, your not going to get it. there is a reason the CDP is always b&gcs' business of the year, its all the free publicity they get. any other non-profit has to pay for the adds that are in the paper. plus they make everyone feel like a second class citizen if you not involved with the club. funny how you never hear about the couple of kids that had been "misplaced" while at the club. as everything in Craig eventually runs it's course, so will the b&gc, so will you vote yes when there is a tax increase on the ballot to save the club? i wont, like i said, this community gives money to it everyday.


bearscout 7 years, 11 months ago

The City could verify this, but I don't think they paid anything for this property. I believe the State of Colorado simply deeded it to them. Therefore, there is no 'mortgage' being paid, by taxpayers or anyone else. In addition, if there is concern about who is paying for what, do as Bryce suggested and take a look at the books.


bjacobson 7 years, 10 months ago

Good Morning,

Just to clarify.

The BGCA had gifted the Boys and Girls Club of Craig $60,000 to start a club in Craig 4-5 years ago, I do believe.
The Craig Daily Press has not been named business of the year any other year other than 2008.
The Boys and Girls Club of Craig pays for advertising in the Craig Daily Press.

Thanks Bryce Jacobson


villardlandl 7 years, 10 months ago

The BGCC asks for $10.00 (ten) dollars in dues for each child that attends BGCC. TEN DOLLARS!! The club then spends over $450.00/child per year for activities and meals for each of those children.

You ask where all of the money goes...It goes towards taking care of the children that attend! When the children get there from school they are supplied a snack and their pick of activities and then if they are there at 5:30 they get to eat dinner! The art room is stocked with wonderful supplies that come home as beautiful masterpieces and the gym is always packed with kids getting exercise amidst foul weather outdoors, and that is just during the winter, not to mention the outdoor activities that occur during the summer! There is tutoring and homework help! There are games and a TV room for the older kids!

It is an excellent program and I personally am thrilled that we have such a facility with an incredible staff to help ensure the welfare of our local youth! They have a place where they are warm, fed and genuinely cared for! And as a mother I wouldn't have it any other way!


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