Dale L. Beck: Fund sledding hill


— To the editor:

The story Saturday, Jan. 3, about the Cathy Cisar sledding hill brought back many memories for me.

In December 1963, I was a 9-year-old classmate of Cathy Cisar at Sunset Elementary School in Craig. I remember her and the accident that tragically took her life.

I also remember sledding down the streets of Craig because that was the best place to sled, although it was extremely dangerous.

It saddens me to read this article and see that the city of Craig's Parks and Recreation Department no longer maintains the hill. Someone should organize a fundraiser and give new life to the old hill. Restore it to how it was during its prime days. Get some community organizations to take turns volunteering their time and good will to keep it maintained.

If I remember correctly, after living in Craig for most all of my first 25 years of this earthly life, the winters can be very long and cold. Sledding is one of the most fun ways to pass the time in the winter. Let's go Craig residents.

Meet my challenge. Give the old hill new life!

Lastly, as one other person who commented on the story said, "ban the snowmobiles." Snowmobiles and sleds don't mix too well. Ban them from the hill and enforce the ban before someone else gets seriously injured in a needless accident.

A nice, well-maintained sledding hill like it was originally designed for would be a great asset to the city of Craig.

Dale L. Beck

Former Craig resident, now of Montana


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