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How have teachers and students reacted to the first day back to school?

"They're excited but they're tired. I think (students and teachers had) too many late nights over the holiday. It's hard to get back in the groove."

-Diana Cook, East Elementary School principal

"I think it's always hard to come back after a vacation. : But, I think people are also excited to be back."

-Kathy Bockelman, Craig Middle School counselor

"(Monday was) just like any other day, pretty much. I wish break was longer."

- Levi Ogden, 14, Craig Middle School eighth-grader

"With the cold weather, I think everyone's a little bit sluggish. (But) I think it's business as usual. I think it will take a couple days for the kids : and teachers to get back in the swing. But, for the most part, I think kids are quiet and, in a way, happy to be back at school."

-Ken Olinger, Craig Intermediate School dean of students

"It's been a smooth day. People had a relaxing holiday, and I think it takes a while for them to adjust and get back in the swing of things."

- Thom Schnellinger, Moffat County High School principal

Have you had to do any remedial teaching?

"We've had to go back over the rules, expectations and procedures in the classroom."

-Alegra Yager, East Elementary School first-grade teacher

"You always have to do remedial teaching."

- Alicia Townsend, Craig Middle School eighth-grade social studies teacher

(Townsend added that her eight-grade students were studying the Bill of Rights before they left for break. On Monday, she was reviewing the material with her students.)

"It's kind of like getting back to the business of teaching again. The kids kind of shut down (during Christmas Break). : There's kind of a refresher you have to do for yourself, too, as well as helping the kids."

- Mary Quinn, Moffat County High School English teacher

How has the first day back to school been for you as a student?

"Good : because stuff is different, like our library and our desks. : (In the library) we had more room to scoot back our chairs."

-Tristen Walls, 8, East Elementary School third-grader

"It's been kind of a normal day at school." (Cammer added that he wasn't nervous about his upcoming exams.) As a senior, it's just natural. I've been doing this for four years. This is nothing new."

- Nick Cammer, 17, Moffat County High School senior

"I was a little confused because I forgot my (locker) combination. : It was fun. I liked it. It felt like I just got back for the first day of school. It was kind of crazy getting up (for school)."

-Kaylee Buckley, 10, Craig Intermediate School fifth-grader

-Interviews by Bridget Manley


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