Bobbie Harper: Thanks for the good deeds


To the editor:

I have been wanting to personally thank many people for all their good deeds they do for our community.

I would like to tell park and recreation, thank you so much for helping people in the swimming program and the trips for seniors. The girls who help us at swimming are Sylvia Griffiths, Karen Cattoor, Gail Kendall and Anita Reynolds. They're great about helping and showing us different moves in the water.

Thanks to Pam Maneotis for driving the bus for seniors and for being so kind to them.

Next, I need to thank Mel Shockley at the American Legion. He goes out of his way to help everybody. I would like to thank Cathy Vanatta and her crew of people and teachers for the wellness program. Your program has helped keep a lot of people healthy and happy, Cathy.

I'm saving the best for the last part of my letter.

I want to thank Dr. Thomas Told for having me as his patient for 40 years. Dr. Told, you have treated my family and I with respect and wonderful care. Your kindness got me through many days and rough times.

I'm glad you're fulfilling your dream to help other doctors learn to be a great doctor like you.

Thank you to Molly and children for sharing your husband and father.

Bobbie Harper


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