Neil McCandless: Why I'm a Democrat


To the editor:

In answer to Mr. Ponikvar, I want to tell why I'm a Democrat.

We believe that prisoners of war should not be tortured. Our soldiers might become prisoners in another country, and we don't want them tortured. Besides that, it's immoral.

We believe the poor and middle class should get tax breaks, too - not just the rich.

We believe our government should abide by the laws that protect us - not conduct illegal wiretaps on its citizens or suspend the rights of habeas corpus and speedy trial.

We believe that everyone deserves access to good and affordable health care.

We also believe in all the good things John puts in his ad that are not exclusive to any one party.

Neil McCandless


AltitudeAdjustment 8 years, 1 month ago


Thanks for the letter. While I don't tend to affiliate with either party, I believe both have positive and negative aspects to the ideologies they hold most dear. What I don't think many in either party posses though is an adequate supply of common sense. For example, while I myself don't believe in torture either, sadly all of our enemies do and use it far more extensively than we do. Rather than water boarding or depriving a person of sleep they cut off body parts, mutilate sexual organs, and then kill you. We seldom "get any body back." I am also a firm believer that taxes should be fair and equitable. I would challenge you to see how many middle class and poor actually end up paying any tax at all. I am middle class and pay a very small amount of taxes, maybe 10% and I am in the upper middle income bracket. Most people who make less than I do pay almost no taxes and I have seen many get double back what they pay in (this is called welfare and it's written into our tax code for middle and low income Americans). You have given reference to the fact that you don't believe many in government abide by the laws and that they should when dealing with criminals. Everyday people guilty of murder, rape, incest, robbery, drug dealing, etc etc. go free because some pencil pusher in government forgot to dot an I on the search warrant so the search was "illegal". It's blind faith in this type of constitutionalism that is going to be our downfall. Our own constitution will be our undoing as we give more rights to the criminal than we do to the innocent people in this country. The question that should be asked is "does the illegal wire tap of people known to associate with criminals serve the greater good?" if it does, then they should be allowed. Healthcare is a real tricky issue in this country. Tort reform (something many in politics do not agree with) is at the heart of sky rocketing healthcare costs. Those organizations who are freed from unlimited liability can provide health services at a fraction of the cost of those who aren't. We also spend twice as much on healthcare in this country as does any other country in the world. All kinds of political mish mash is at the core of this problem. We can't have universal healthcare in this country, not because we can't afford it, but because of how it's structured and delivered, and no one wants to address that issue. Again, It boils down to common sense and that is what is in short supply in Washington

While I don't necessarily agree with all of your party's ideas, I appreciate the fact that you have the courage to provide your opinion in an area where many believe the democratic party is a group who can't understand normal thinking.


oldsage 8 years, 1 month ago

Gee willikers Neil, I am not a registered Republican because I want to have people tortured or have illegal wire taps, I am registered republican because in this county the Republican primary winners are elected at the general election 95% of the time so the choice is at the primary level. Democrats don't get to vote in the Republican primary, otherwise we would have Sheriff Hoeberg instead of what's his face. Of course I have voted for more Democrats and Independents in the last few years because they were better people (You know honest) and were not involved in the election fraud which took place at the precinct level in........ oops, I can't say where it was or my post will be deleted but it did happen and was so...................tape recorder the whole thing on tape ..........and it was during the next............ election cycle........... and then.............. and it........involved the candidate that...........and then ...........deleted this forum......for two weeks before the 2006 election! I just love the news coverage in this county. Forth estate my......ear And P. S. The police use PCs now and the i is dotted automatically every time and the same with the t's being crossed so you will have to come up with a better excuse for poor police work or the fact there was never a case to be brought against those accused.


craiggirl 8 years, 1 month ago

Oldsage - you must have missed the fact that Hoberg and Jantz BOTH ran on the Republican ticket in the Republican Primary.


oldsage 8 years, 1 month ago

Yea, that's right, against each other, and if the Democrats could have voted in the Republican primary they would have voted for Hoeberg. That was the point. Assuming that the newspaper was really reporting the news instead of fluff and if they (Democrats) knew who was running the Republican precinct caucus in ........ and how the fraud was committed in 2004 by ............for.............who was Republican candidate for the........county........... race and.......if......knew .............. did that and they voted in the ........ primary they sure would not have voted for the Perpetrator to be their sheriff unless they were close friends of the guy like this.........and ....... paper. Therefore, we would have Sheriff Hoeberg! There are lots of good Democrats out there just as there are good Republicans who don't torture people or use illegal wiretaps and would only vote for honest candidates if the news media would only report the truth. Who knows maybe we would have Sheriff Alton. Something tells me though that Neil was a Democrat when Bill Clinton's CIA was using water-boarding on suspects during some of their "interviews" and when all the FBI files on private citizens were in the white house for Hillary's review!


AltitudeAdjustment 8 years, 1 month ago


Sounds like you have corned the market on information and know all the facts. For a guy who knows so much how come you didn't run for Sherrif or atleast get out and try to pursuad the ignorant masses how they should vote? But I guess when you live in a town where the tail wags the dog, you probably don't see the point. So based on your knowledge and information who is "the Man" in this county? Who is the one person who is pulling all the pupet strings to make us all dance? Is it the three people at the head of the republican party? Is there a conspiracy we should all know about? Will you have to go into hiding for fear of your life if you tell us? Please, enlighten us some more!


cantstandtexans 8 years, 1 month ago

Interesting. I had a situation involving corrupt Republican Party members working in a certain federal government agency. If it hadn't been for a particular U.S. senator, I might have been set to PRISON on bogus charges just to get my brother to hush up about the criminal activities being committed by members of the GOP. I'll not elaborate. They were sunk thanks again to this certain U.S. senator. That is one major reason that I'm a Progressive. I do not claim a particular political party. So, I'll just say that we need have a progressive style of government.

What occurred these past eight years is staggering to comprehend the magitude of corruption committed by the Bush Administation. It's not difficult to understand who really was in charge of that administration. And it wasn't Bush. Unilateral Action is nothing more than a tactic out of the pages of the Third Reich! There were no WMD's that Hussien secretly kept under wraps. There were no mobile chemical labs. No yellow cake...NOTHING! Fabrication of facts just to wage a war for profit, deguised as a patriotic war to kill them terrorists! False! And remember, if you stood against this doctrine, then you were un-patriotic and were branded as a greater threat to the state! The corruption of our political system is spread from coast to coast. But this countries respect and image has been so seriously deminished by the Scum Buckets that just left the Oval Office, and the financial raping of our economy has placed our very standard of living in grave jeopardy.

I'm a Progressive because I think. I do not watch Fake News Fools nor do I listen to Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh. I think!! Skinny Ann Colter makes her fortune from pandering to the those that honestly believe the garbage thrown out by the three elements I have just listed.

I too, do not believe in torture. I know that honor is not present by all countries or parties tht wage war. You bet some if not most factions will torture. But uh, There more torture out in the battle fields committed by U.S. soldiers than what is ever revealed. Whose to say I wouldn't rid the battlefield of opposition if I was a soldier. But what does torture accomplish? Not desent and hatred towards what we call..."The Good Guys"!!

No matter things in the past should be left in the past. Unless what occurred in the past still haunts us...such as this economic cesspool!!! Thanks Republican Party!! And you can thank Reagan's Trickle Down Economics as well!!

Thanks for standing up Neil. I do. Trust me...many do not like me because of my stand against favortism to the "Haves and the Have Mores"!!! Or my belief that the poltical system of the right "MUST" be free of the Evangelical train of thought that this country must be a country nothing but so-called Christians!! I'm not putting down religion, but there absolutly must be a seapration of church and state! And alas!! The local Mafia!! Extraordinary!


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