Our view: Rec center, or wreck waiting to happen?


There are a few topics that have been discussed publicly in recent weeks in Craig and Moffat County that have drawn scorn from opponents.

One such topic is a possible town recreation center.

At a recent Moffat County Tourism Association meeting, Tony St. John - a member of the exploratory body, the Community Recreation Center Steering Committee - spoke to MCTA members, lobbying for their support of the project.

And, while the board as a whole said MCTA could not financially support the project, the meeting wasn't a total waste for St. John. He walked away with a pledge from a board member who agreed to participate in the process on behalf of the board.

The recreation center - a project that, to this point, has no clear-cut price tag or scope - was part of Monday's Editorial Board discussion. The key question the board attempted to answer was whether such a project - rejected by voters in the past - is even worth discussion at this point.

The board's short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Yes, but with the caveats that now may not be the right time for such a proposal, and that recreation center backers need to put little emphasis on public tax dollars to support the project, and as much emphasis as possible on exploring creative funding outlets.

As one Editorial Board member pointed out Monday, investment creates opportunities and this could certainly be the case with the construction of a recreation center.

As another said, it's an almost impossible task to ask voters - voters concerned about job security, seesawing financial markets and overall personal economic welfare - to approve a project that would take money out of their pockets in these uncertain times.

So, what this amounts to, the Editorial Board thinks, is the need for thorough discussion, gauging of public opinion and a defined project. It is questionable whether any of this has happened with the current recreation center discussion.

There are a few beliefs the Editorial Board fully stands behind concerning a recreation center in our community.

It's people who make communities what they are, and it's amenities that help keep people around, or attract new people who can contribute to those communities.

If a cost-effective recreation center, built at some later date when prosperity returns (and make no mistake, it will return) can add to that, so be it.

It's clear, the Editorial Board contends, that a recreation center has a place in Craig and with limited recreational outlets - especially in the winter - there is a need.

However, a couple of things need to happen before this project can and should be considered more in-depth.

Organizers need to come up with a much more detailed plan before combing the community for support, and opponents need to give whatever proposal comes forth an honest and open review before deciding.

Short of that, neither of which the Editorial Board believes has happened yet, this topic is simply another hypothetical raising debate before it needs to.


taxslave 8 years, 1 month ago

"And make no mistake, it will return".......wanna bet? The DOW is going to 5K.


Ray Cartwright 8 years, 1 month ago

Taxslave, since you have the insight as to when and where the finacial situation is going. I would like to know when and if it will bottom out at 5K or keep going down. When is this bottom out going to happen so that I might buy back in and make a fortune! Should I wait for even lower at say 2K? I don't know so I expect that you can tell me. Thank you so much.


taxslave 8 years, 1 month ago

The Dow will go to 5 on it's way to 3 on it's way to 2500 or so.

BUT ..it is eminent the US will default on it's debt and the dollar will probably be devalued about 10-1 against the Amero. The Amero will combine the three economies, Canada, USA & Mexico. They were printed at the Denver mint in 2007. This will cause a massive inflation.

Your only true insurance against what's about to happen is gold and silver, physical metals, not paper. The COMEX is rigged...so is the market. Stocks to buy are commodities, especially soybean, oil, gold mines. Get out of the banks. They will be nationalized. Cash is king right now.

However, it's also possible we get attacked. The insane in DC are doing everything they can to cause such an event. Obama has already signed 8 EO's.


oldsage 8 years, 1 month ago

If there is such a need or demand, then the free market would have provided such a facility. The obvious fact is there is not a demand except by those who want others to pay for it. Let those who want it and demand it pay for it! Build it yourself and charge admission if you think it is such a great idea.

Contrary to what misguided and uninformed morons think and say, this is not the richest country on the planet, it is the country that is most likely to go bankrupt because of stupid people and lousy management. And it looks like the new management in DC just came out from behind the curtain for everyone to see, you know the Iron Curtain!


citizensforgrowth 8 years, 1 month ago

Great stuff as usual taxslave. It makes you wonder what world Tony lives in.


als362 8 years, 1 month ago

Where do the people that write this paper get their ideas from? They say that there is a need to gauge public opinion on this rec center issue. HELLO! The public has already given their opinion on this several times through the vote. Their message is and was a very loud NO. So why would the people that write this rag believe that the public's opinion is still in need of gauging? It is because as I have stated many times before this is one of the most liberal papers I have ever read. They must believe that money just grows out of the ground, because every time someone comes up with an idea that cost more than it is worth, and will benefit only a few. This paper is right on top of it saying how wonderful it is. And once again we hear how these several votes appearantly don't count, only what some committee thinks is what counts to this liberal paper. Now I will wait and see if this comment stays here or gets deleted as many of my comments about this paper have. If this paper thinks this rec center is such a wonderful idea, then they should pool their money with Tony St. John and the "native_craig_guy" and build it themselves. If tey are not willing to do that, then let this stupid idiocy die!


CindyLou 8 years, 1 month ago

I accidentally stumbled into this blog - Wow! you all are dumber than a bag full of hammers. Taxslave? The Amero? It took Europe 20 years to come to an agreement on the Euro and you think the US will combine with Canada and Mexico over christmas break? If things get that bad the only guarantee is food and fuel, not Gold and Silver. If things get that bad, China will have 200 million people starving to death because the import half their food from US! If you thought 10 million dollars is a bad idea for a rec center where were you when The county asked for 50 million for two organizations that don't turn a lick of profit? Heck the metropolis of Meeker approved a rec center, a hospital, and the school and they have only 3,000 people and half the tax base. Sure we have Holistic and Trapper and they are empty half the time, but that's because they are dumps and no one wants to go there. A rec center with a nice gym, pool, walking track, etc. would be a shot in the arm for this community. Remember the nay sayers who didn't want the ice rink? Now where is all the opposition? It was a good idea once people decided to be part of the solution instead of just being part of the problem.


John Kinkaid 8 years, 1 month ago

Labor for the ice rink was donated. At least some of it. My kids played hockey and donated their time to help with the project.

GOCO grant money was used for the refridgeration equipment. The county commisioners selected the ice rink over the horse arena project to receive the GOCO money.

The ice rink has been very beneficial to the community. I can't say the same for a future rec center project. Keep taxes low.

Our newspaper wants to be an agent of change.


als362 8 years, 1 month ago

CindyLou should listen to Oldsage, because what Oldsage says is exactly correct, and the way many of us feel about this waste of time and money some people call a rec center. If you want this thing, then you better set the cost for it's use high enough to pay for it. But we all know if you do that no one will pay that much for using it. That CindyLou is why the other places are trashed out. Because the amount of money you pay to use them is not nearly enough to cover the costs of keeping them in good repair. So miss CindyLou, you can pool your money along with Tony St. John and "native_craig_guy" and finance this rec center yourself. Either put your money where your mnouth is or shut up sit down and leave this stupidity alone.


lonelyone 8 years, 1 month ago

CindyLou, I only want to point out that many of us, who post on here, were against the 50 million or more for the hospital and school district.


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