Jan Reece: Thanks for helping my son


To the editor:

In August, my son Devyn Reece was brutally beaten. He received numerous injuries, and he will be having surgery next month to repair a broken nose. It has been a terrible time for my son, my family and my faith in humanity.

I would like to take this time to thank some of the community members who have touched our lives in the past six months. Although I cannot thank everyone, each of you were equally important in our continued recovery.

Thank you, Dr. Ossen, for noting that my son received serious bodily injury.

Your notation resulted in felony charges against the three defendants.

Thank you, TMH, for the great care and concern that you showed my child.

Thank you, Jen Kenny, of the Craig Police Department, for taking the time to sit with Devyn and take a statement for the prosecution. You truly care about the victims in Moffat County, and it shows in your work.

Thank you, Jeremy Ashton, for investigating this horrific crime.

Thank you, teachers of MCHS who helped my son go from F's back to A's after he missed so much school.

Thank you to the churches in our community for the prayers and support, as no mother should endure the pain I have suffered in the past six months.

Thank you, Rich, for gathering the text messages, retrieving the pictures that the boys took of the beatings and mostly for just being there for Devyn. You have always been the best.

To Devyn, you are so strong.

How could anyone endure the physical pain, mental pain, rumors and torment that you have?

Leave your smile in Craig, and follow your dreams.

Lastly, thank you, God, for being here with me and my family during this painful time. Without You, I would have lost my breath.

There were days that I could no longer go on and yet, You gave me strength. I shall follow Your words, which tell us to forgive and be forgiven.

Jan Reece


dogfan 6 years, 12 months ago

That's not the only thing that we haven't heard about. Nothing has ever been printed about a school bus accident that happened on county rd. 7 about a month ago.


daybyday 7 years ago

What an absolutely beautiful letter. May God continue to bless you and your family, and may you continue to shine, even in hardship and pain through the light of one love. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose." Keep the faith.


taxslave 6 years, 12 months ago

I see a notice in the back of the paper....Reward for info on the robbery of Tunnies and Such.

There was also an incident last summer when two men tried to crawl through a window...(man sleeping inside and woke up). The two got away. No warning in paper for people to make sure their windows were locked.


lonelyone 7 years ago

Ms Reece, this is the first I have heard of your son's attack. I am sorry that you and your famly have had to go through this. I hope that everything turns out well for both you and your son.


native_craig_guy 6 years, 12 months ago

I am so sorry that your child was put through such a traumatic event. This was the first time that I had heard about the incident and I am glad that he is ok and that he is continuing to do good in school. We have great law enforcement and other agencies that serve the community well in our times of need. You wrote a beautiful letter, thank you. It is a sad day when we have events such as this in our community. I hope that the families of the boys who assaulted your son are ashamed of the product(s) of thier household and that they have taken serious looks at what they are teaching their kids at home. We simply do not need people like that in our community.


lostyermarbles 6 years, 12 months ago

This was kept pretty quit. I have heard some "prominet" kids were in on it?? I hope the "Holyier than tho" ones are punished for this and I too am very sorry , this should of never happened. And I hope your son can rise above this and know people like this are not what it's all about.


lonelyone 6 years, 12 months ago

What is wrong with these kids that they should attack your son like this? You don't mention in your letter why this might have been done and it's none of my business, but it seems to me that this was so much more then some kind of prank that went bad. I hope the other kids realize the kind of damage they could have done to your son and what that might have meant to them in the end...........jail time, loss of scolarships, criminal records that could stay with them forever and keep them from good jobs. it;s really sad that these things happen in our schools and communities.


secret09 6 years, 11 months ago

Hello, my name is Devyn Reece, the boy who was assaulted. I wanted to take the time to point out a couple of facts. First of all, I would like to address native_craig_guy by saying thank you for your support, but you must know that no credit is due to the Sherriff's office. I did not recover, move on, or make progress with their assistance. As a matter of fact, my process of recovery was hindered by their office. Although the SO did not help me the way they should have I must point out that Jermey Ashton is the only reason I recieved any justice from this event. If there is anyone to thank there, it is him. He spent countless hours working on my case and I owe a lot to him. Thank you Jeremy. I must also point out another member of the law who helped me: Jen Kenny. Jen Kenny helped me legally, emotionally, and mentally. She is a fantastic person and friend. She was the only person who ever interviewed me, and was ridiculed for doing so and "overstepping her boundaries". Thanks again Jen. Rich, in case you dont know, is my mothers brother. So when she says that Rich collected all the evidence you must know that it was not the law who did so, but my uncle. Now I would like to address lostyermarbbles, WHO CARES who did it? Thats Craigs biggest problem, you are all worried about people's last names. What makes a kid PROMINENT? Really? Instead of turning this into gossip how about we state the facts? I was beaten 5 times by 3 boys reguardless of their last name or social standing. Now, on to dogfan and taxslave, are you honestly going to compare an assault with a bus accident or a robbery? THERE IS NO COMPARISON. What I went through in that town is in no way even remotely similar to those incidents. It is far worse. So dont tell me how we didn't hear about something that happened LAST SUMMER. Which brings me to my last point, I'm GLAD you didn't hear about it! It's not something to talk about over coffee, my life is not your gossip, and nothing that happened to me concerned you. Ever since I was assaulted I have had to deal with all the gossip and rumors and quite frankly I'm tired of it. I would rather you all just NOT know. It's easier that way. So please remember, I healed and moved on thanks to my family and ONLY my family, not the law. It does not matter WHO assaulted me, it only matters that they DID, your last name and social standing do not justify this behavior, and lastly this event is in no way comparable to the "news" you didn't hear about. Please, get over it, stop talking about it, and let me heal.

Devyn Reece


greeneyedgurl 6 years, 11 months ago

Devyn, I think you are a very strong, courageous young man for speaking out on this public forum. However before you bash the people that do speak on this forum, please remember this is all in turn from a letter your mom wrote to a public newspaper. If you didn't want people to speak about it or talk about it then your mom should have written private thank you letters. I wish you well.


dogfan 6 years, 11 months ago

Devyn, I was only stating a fact that this paper does not print alot of the things that happen in this town. Alot of them involve people that don't want their name in print unless it is for their benefit. I felt bad for you when I heard what happened and am very happy that you have recovered and moved on. I do know who was involved and am glad they got the punishment they deserved. I also want to wish you well.


greeneyedgurl 6 years, 11 months ago

I could have used a different word rather than "bash". Either way, you are a great kid. I've known your parents since I was in high school with them and you are a much, much better person than the people that did this to you-who cares what their names are.


secret09 6 years, 11 months ago

I'm sorry if I came across as bashing anyone, that was never my intention. I'm very thankful for all your support I just didn't want people discussing it because "prominent" kids were involved you know? I have to give thanks where thanks are due, but it's time this all came to an end. Thank you.


lonelyone 6 years, 11 months ago

I understand your point Devyn. I first thought your letter was a bit rough around the edges, but also figured it could be because I was still sleepy when I read it. I, myself don't care who did it or how prominent they might be, they did wrong and for myself, it's another case of why they did it and who might they attack next. I am glad your healed and ready to go on with your life. You seem like you've got a pretty good head on your shoulders.


secret09 6 years, 11 months ago

Thank you very much lonelyone. That means a lot to me. It was definently rough around the edges. It was my initial response and I probably should have spent more time thinking it through. I thought about it all day today. I never meant to come off as bashing someone. I'm not that kind of kid, anyone who knows me can tell you that. So this is what I came up with:

I absolutely hope you know. I hope everyone knows. What I meant to say the first time was not that I dont want you to talk about it, I meant to say I want you to talk about it for the right reasons. Don't turn it into gossip or the latest rumor. If you are gonna talk about it, talk about it to inspire a change. Let's make sure this never happens to anyone again. Take the bad and turn it into the good. Craig is full of fantastic people and I'm sure that there can be incredible changes made. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and I hope we can use this to help the community as a whole.

Thanks again! Devyn


secret09 6 years, 11 months ago

No, dont worry about it greeneyedgurl! I completely understand where you're coming from. I really appreciate you saying that. I'm trying to make this the best situation that it can be considering the circumstances. I appreciate your support.


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