Craig police officers honored for excellent service


— Several Craig Police Depa­rtment officers were recognized for their efforts in 2009 at a ceremony Dec. 18.

Officers Dale Secules, Norm Rimmer, Tony Fandel and Frank Schmedeke; Sergeants Brian Soper and Marvin Cameron; and Corporal Travis Young were honored for their service to the community, according to a Police Department news release.

Advocates-Crisis Support Services named Secules the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for his respectful and professional treatment of victims.

“He makes a special effort to work with children in these situations to make them more comfortable,” Advocates officials said in the release. “Officer Secules continues to serve the people of Craig in a manner that is quietly effective, highly competent and sincerely compassionate.”

Secules was also part of the response to an event Sept. 20 that earned him, Soper, Young and Rimmer the Meritorious Service Award.

The four responded to a domestic violence call with shots fired in a trailer.

They safely evacuated neighboring trailers and successfully talked the perpetrator out the door and into custody.

According to the news release, the group was honored for safely diffusing what could have been a dangerous situation.

On Sept. 28, the same unit responded to an anonymous tip and apprehended two individuals in the process of committing a burglary at a local business.

The group obtained a confession from one of the suspects, and their efforts were rewarded with the Chief’s Citation Award.

Fandel and Schmedeke went beyond the call of duty to help a community member in need.

The pair earned the Civic Service Award for helping an 80-year-old veteran who became emotionally distraught when he was told he could no longer have his pet in his current apartment.

When the officers responded to the call, they diffused the situation and continued by helping the man find and move into a new apartment.

Tom Mathers, Moffat Cou­nty commissioner and Moffat County Housing Authority chairman, and Housing authority executive director Ute Murray wrote a letter commending the officers and Cameron for their actions.

“The officers acted compassionately, professionally and with respect for all parties involved,” the letter stated. “In addition, the officers assisted the resident in locating a new apartment and moving to the individual’s new home, acts that definitely went beyond (their) duties and showed genuine kindness for a person in need.”

New Craig officer graduates 1st in class

Officer Josh Martinez graduated from the Colorado North­western Community College Law Enforcement Academy on Dec. 16, finishing first in his class.

The program consists of 857 hours of skills training and academics.

Upon his graduation, Martinez received several awards: Top Academic Achie­vement, Outstanding Overall Student in Academics and Academy Skills and Top Shooter awards for handguns, shotguns and patrol rifles.

He received a 93 percent on the Colorado Peace Officer Standard and Training exam.

Chief Walt Vanatta said he was proud of Martinez and the effort he put forth at the academy.

“He worked very hard at his studies and his work ethic shows in his success,” Vanatta said. “He will be an asset to the department and the community.”


TRIUMPH 7 years, 4 months ago

this by no means makes up for the lies told by a peace officer at a recent murder trial. When the officer was asked on the stand about a reported death threat made agauinst Terry Hankins by Cynthia Hankins at his gold mine the officer lied and said he had reviewed his written report and made no refrence to the death threat. The call was made from the old phone number at the mine whitch was 970-583-7342 to the moffat county dispatch at 911 the death threat was reported and officers arrived at the mine site they interviewed Cynthia and her pimp about what had transpired . they claimed they had no drivers licenses and that the dispute was over driving her car who got to drive the car Terry had bought Cynthia a ten thousand dollar car the police later confiscated as evidence and sold at auction no doubt. Anyway that report was filed and at trial when crossexamined by Cheryl Uhlmann the officer did not recall the initial call as being a death threat but more convienently a desmestic dispute over a car a big difference so while you investigating coruption add the deputy who could of prevented a injustice by just telling the truth but instead chose to lie. later a restraining order was issued for another death threat she made at the apartment this time involving the kitchen knives. quote where do you want it in the neck or back. After these threats he was held hostage for days his house and van keys tossed on the apartment roof his breifcase tossed off the balconey with his titles check books and so on spewn about the parking lot. he did adventually get away by taking a screwdriver to his vans ignition and with restraining order he moved almost all his belonging out. She later intised him to return and recogsile i belive she was planning to kill him and escape to Texas with his money as his money did disappear from the account proving someone had acessed it after his arrest.


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