Jesse Kurz: Rec center needed


To the editor,

Looking for something to do besides sledding or ice skating? Me, too.

I think Craig should build a recreation center. If Craig has a rec center, it would bring more people to town and create more activity for people of all ages.

This would create jobs for people in town. It would create exercise for everyone in the winter, such as pool workouts for the elderly and different activities for the kids such as rock climbing, swimming and more court space for basketball.

The parents could work out while the kids play and get their exercise. People with health problems and the elderly could swim when they are unable to do other activities.

It would be nice to have a swimming space with a water slide, rock climbing wall, a rope swing, a hot tub/sauna and a lazy river.

We need more gym space for basketball and volleyball. They could have camps at the rec center in the summer/winter for youth and elderly.

Most people would like to have a weight room, cardio room and an indoor track. They could rent bikes, snowshoes and cross country skis for people to use.

They could build this rec center to be green. The pool could be built to use ultra violet with small amounts of chemicals to keep the pool clean. They could use solar panels to heat the pool.

Instead of electricity for the cardio room, you could use human power for the machines. We visited one at UCCS that was like this, and it was awesome.

Right now, we drive to Meeker or Steamboat to use their rec centers. While we are there, we usually eat dinner and get gas, so this helps other businesses, too.

If everyone could vote to use our sales tax to help pay for a recreation center, this would involve the help from everyone instead of just homeowners.

This would mean that adults and kids like me would all help pay for the rec center.

This could add up fast without everyone actually paying a whole lot at once.

Jesse Kurz


luvbug 7 years, 4 months ago

And all that from a child!!! Way to go Jesse! U should run for Mayor!!!! You have my vote!


als362 7 years, 4 months ago

I have no objection to a rec center. The city/county can build as large a one as they wish. I do however have an objection to using tax dollars to build it. I, and many people that I know will never use such a facility, and I, we believe that if something like this is built it should come from memberships, admission fees, donations, and fund raising activities. Also there are many elderly people that simply cannot afford another tax on thier already strained budget. Pledges should be signed for memberships, so the money will be there when it is needed. You mention the Steamboat rec center. They built thiers by placing a fee of a few dollars on each hotel/motel room sold. That way the money came from out of town and no one in Steamboat had to pay a cent for it. Craig could have been doing this, or they could start now, I bet in a few years the money or at least a good bit of it would be in and account ready for use. I hope you get the rec center you want, but I just think using taxes is a bad idea.
The people that use this facility should be the ones to pay for it.


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