H. Neal Glanville: It's that 'too many things to do' time of year


As I've been dragged kicking and screaming into middle age, I mourn the passing of summer less and less.

It's not that I don't appreciate summer - I do - it's enjoying and celebrating the heat and sweatiness I can't understand.

As a kid, a younger one, I looked forward to a break from school and life in the city.

Day dreaming (imagine me day dreaming) about working the ranch or staying out of trouble (I shouldn't say "out of trouble" because I always was in trouble) it was planning how not to get caught that kept me sane during the school year.

Avoiding the heat was easy - then, you'd lie down in a creek or jump into a beaver pond and back to work you'd go.

Now people go from air conditioned buildings to air conditioned cars and proclaim to anyone that'll listen how hot it was between the two. They're not complaining - summer is their favorite time of year and they can't wait to get back outside.

If there's logic in there, the weak side of my brain refuses to find or listen to it.

Now that our 19 days of summer are over (don't think back, I already counted) sane people throughout the county are gearing up for the ultimate "too many things to do" time of year.

We can enjoy everything from fishing, hunting, youth sports, to whatever your little heart desires.

Personally, I don't hunt anymore. I see no sense in taking a course that confirms something I've known for more than 45 years, and besides, passing my hunting skills on to the family youngsters is as much fun as the hunt itself.

Fishing, well, if it swims, now is the time to tie on last week's dirty sock and catch it.

Speaking of dirty socks, football has returned to Woodbury Park, and it's much more fun to watch than the stuff they're putting on the tube, sports or otherwise.

If gazing out to the horizon is your cup of Pero, take a day, pick a road, find a spot, stop and enjoy.

Why would anybody say there's nothing to do in our ever-shrinking bit of paradise?

Speaking of paradise, school is starting and we need to pay even more attention to the absent-minded kids wandering back and forth and less to our personal grooming, eating, devious devices (cell phones) and other things while our attention is supposed to be on the road.

Now for something completely different :

I had planned on a comment or two about the new medical marijuana dispensary, but the hotter heads that spoke at the council meeting took the humor right out of my twisted take on common sense and made their own joke.

I will, however, say that each time we allow something to slide by, saying "it's just a little thing or not that big a deal," our moral character slides with it. In the end, we all scurry around wondering where it all went wrong and who should be the proud owner of the guilt because "it's not our fault."

The mere mention of "the deer committee" brings out my bubbling giggles. Why would a group of people waste their time, and that of Craig City Council and the Department of Wildlife, trying to solve a problem that has no definitive answer?

Perhaps the hungry deer see your yard as you see the Village Inn or Golden Cavey. I'm not saying they do; it's just a simple thought from a simple mind. It should be said this will prove to be a good exercise for eager students of the "politically correct" thing to say and do.

Until next time :

Yup, there I was, surrounded on seven sides by the guestament of our city deer population, when I said to myself, "Self," I said because that's what I call myself when I'm talking to myself, "these can't be the same deer Jane saw the other morning. The numbers are all wrong; hers were wearing numbers 321 and 402."

Thank you for your time.


hanginj 7 years, 8 months ago

If your common sense is twisted tell me where to get my share


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