City agrees to discuss planning, zoning codes


The Craig City Council agreed at its meeting Tuesday to meet with local organizations about its planning and zoning regulations.

The city's various regulations - which include curb and sidewalk requirements, as well as require builders to license themselves with the city - are organized in the Craig land-use code, approved by the council in February 2007.

No meeting date has been set, but Councilor Gene Bilodeau said he hopes the meeting will happen in early September, within the next few weeks.

The Craig Chamber of Commerce and Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership boards began discussing city codes after a local builder opted to relocate a proposed office park at the Country Mall site on Ranney Street and instead build outside city limits.

Lop Behrman, owner of Behrman Construction, said last week he chose to build industrial offices on the south side of First Street, about 100 feet outside city limits, after requirements from the city and Colorado Department of Transportation increased his potential building costs by about $250,000.

Bilodeau, who also is a board member of the Chamber and EDP, volunteered last week to organize an informal meeting between the three groups and Moffat County officials.

He told EDP and city officials that he hopes the city can use the meeting as an opportunity to present facts behind the city's land use code.

The community seems to have several beliefs about the code that are not true, Bilodeau said during the council meeting.

"People are listening to people who are intentionally misleading reality," he said.

Craig Mayor Don Jones said he supports the city's code. He added that there have been 18 new commercial developments in the past three years, which he said is more than there were in the 20 years before that.

Jones also said he knew some builders were upset about being required to build sidewalks but that sidewalks are exactly what Craig needs.


xrsareus 7 years, 7 months ago

Ok, I'm kinda wondering why the School District did not have to put sidewalk, curb and gutter along Yampa Ave at the new Middle School. I'm sure CDOT was involved with traffic studies and the sort. The Cities rules should have applied with that project. Why would Mr. Behrman have to have sidewalks and the such for his project in the city and the School didn't? Also the new Church remodel on 9th. Are they required to put in sidewalk along the 9th street? Let's do some investigation Daily Press:.


xrsareus 7 years, 7 months ago

Quote from the paper, "Jones also said he knew some builders were upset about being required to build sidewalks but that sidewalks are exactly what Craig needs."

Where would a sidewalk be needed anymore than at the new school to keep our kids out of traffic. Seems like the Mayor needs to look around.


lostyermarbles 7 years, 6 months ago

Why when its basically all new did they put a school there anyway with all the traffic?? Then put a new hospital in the same dang deal. Right on a busy truck route???? Is it to create more business or??? The area the new school is in is the last place it should of been. Its not a very pleasant place on that corner with all the noise and traffic. Does anyone put on a thinking cap when they are planning our millions of dollars??


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