The Memorial Hospital board meeting agenda


7 p.m. tonight, Platinum Conference Room


• Call to order by chairman Ron Danner

• Agenda Review

• Opportunity for public to address the board

• Consent agenda:

- Approve July 29 board meeting minutes.

- Accept Aug. 11 building committee meeting minutes.

- Accept Aug. 18 joint conference committee meeting minutes.

- Accept Aug. 19 finance committee meeting minutes.

- Accept Aug. 17 TMH Foundation meeting minutes.

- Accept Aug. 13 medical staff meeting minutes.

• Executive Session to discuss contractual matters and matters to be kept confidential by law.

• Action items:

- Recommendation by medical executive committee of medical staff privileges.

- Recommendation by finance committee: approval of archival scanning system.

- Recommendation to approve executive compensation policy.

- Recommendation for approval of compensation guidelines for family practice, general surgery and OB/GYN.

- Recommendation for approval of general surgeon's contract extension.

- Department of Local Affairs grant recommendation.

• Discussion items

- Transition of old hospital campus

• Reports

- Chief of staff report

- Chief executive officer report by George Rohrich

- Service excellence report by Samantha Johnston

- Chief quality officer/interim chief clinical officer report by Beka Warren

- Interim chief financial officer report by Woody Hathaway

• Other Business


lostyermarbles 7 years, 7 months ago

I sure hope this new hospital makes the service better. I have had my mom in to get a blood test. they take 5 viles. Well the first time they didn't tell her to fast, the second they didn't put it in the refrigerator and today, well we will see if the 3rd time is a charm. Now this is a 86 yr. old that can't hardly walk and has multiple health problems and she has to get out and go 3 times to get a blood test. Then she has to go to the doc afterwards. And when she got there once the person said "follow me" and took off down the hall. Well, I think accessing the person you could see the follow me and take off doesnt work. We had to get her a wheelchair. Nice.......


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