Patrick Wayne Germond: Freedom is about morality


To the editor:

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they need more masters."

Thomas Jefferson said, "There is a 'natural' aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are 'virtue and talent.'"

Virtuous people continually strive for a higher moral standard for themselves, their families and their communities. The results others see in these individuals always are several steps behind from where they know they should be.

In a committed, humble and forever pride-fighting honesty, they waste no time in abeyance or justification. The deepest beliefs of people are reflected in their actions.

They don't just "act" like adults; they are adults.

Perhaps the largest part of virtue isn't perfection - it's direction. A common example of someone starting late on this path would be a man who makes the fundamental choice to be a better husband and father.

He starts climbing up and over the defeated dead bodies of his corruptive and destructive habits. He locks arms solidly with the Lord for lift and steadiness, vowing to never let go.

Addiction programs and regular church attendance become educational points and outlets. He realizes virtue is not inherited but is sought after in every moment.

Fighting his pride to justify his inevitable human failures is almost too much, but he presses on. This struggle involves constant failure and success, but it strengthens his character to a fine point. He brings higher principles and enlightenment to his entire family.

Their minds are free to focus on personal, social and spiritual growth, replacing the regular contentious disputes of old and the resulting loop of it over and over in their minds.

There still are, and may always be, some days that just have to be written off.

However, he realizes principles such as honesty, kindness, love, long suffering, charity and forgiveness have to be lived twice as solidly by him before he can expect his family to accept the standards he is setting.

His example becomes legendary for generations of his children. Like a hand catching them, it will serve to guide them on a narrow path when darkness momentarily leaves them lost.

He doesn't smoke dope at the end of his life because of cancer, leaving his family a corrupted final example. Nor does he get baked and play with his kids and expect a Father of the Year award. Nor does he become a community leader and with an open mind consider letting drug dealers open up shop in his community. He recognizes right off the difference between drugs and their dealers, and businessmen and health care.

Morally corrupt political leaders, thieves, drug dealers, child molesters, and Satan himself should receive no respect nor quarter from any virtuous people.

See you Tuesday, Craig City Council.

Patrick Wayne Germond


A_Happy_Lawyer 7 years, 8 months ago

Mr. Germond,

I am touched by your thoughts and personal failures, sympathetic to your desire to become a virtuous and just man, and hopeful that someday God will grant you the wisdom and guidance to achieve that goal.

You certainly are not there yet, at least not on the face of your words.

But do not fear, there is no need for you to be remembered as a man who failed to embrace the kindness, charity, and forgiveness he so desperately seeks.

You write, "He recognizes right off the difference between drugs and their dealers, and businessmen and health care." "He" sounds like a very wise man, and I hope someday you will also be able to recognize that difference.

"Drugs" are a part of mainstream health-care, and have been for centuries. Used wisely, under the supervision of a Doctor, drugs can save lives, and indeed, through healing, bring together a family that would otherwise be torn apart by illness and disease. Sadly, many, many beneficial drugs also have the potential for recreational abuse, by people who have lost their faith and refuse to abide by their own moral compass. The drug Oxycontin, for example, is a prescription pain-killer that is widely prescribed by Physicians for moderate to severe pain, and when used carefully under the direction of a Physician, it can enable a patient to function, heal, and maintain hope for recovery from injury, despite the devilish pain. Unfortunately, it also has a potential for abuse. A patient who legally obtains Oxycontin from a lawful pharmacy with a doctor's prescription is not a criminal, nor a moral failure. An addict who obtains it illegally for their own perverse pleasure, to mask their own failures in life, IS a criminal, and should be dealt with accordingly.

There is a difference, you see.

Nobody is advocating the free and lawless use of marijuana in Craig. Countless physicians across the globe recognize that marijuana does have therapeutic benefit for certain patients when administered under a doctor's care. The problem in your logic is that you refuse to believe this. You are unwilling to see anything but evil. It is an historical fact that the current Federal prohibition on marijuana is founded upon racism, hateful discrimination, and motives of corporate profiteers not on Truth. You are continuing this tradition of fearful and ignorant suppression. The Truth, Mr. Germond, does not cease to be the Truth simply because it is ignored. The Truth about marijuana is that it can be a useful medicine, and the continued demonization of this simple and beneficial plant does nothing to promote the public virtue that you seek. There is no Truth in your decision to lump medical patients with "Morally corrupt political leaders, thieves, drug dealers, child molesters." You are intentionally polarizing people with a hateful and false message about medical marijuana users, and I see noting virtuous about that.


Henry_Round_Bottom 7 years, 8 months ago

By the way, our founding fathers grew our country when they grew hemp. They made paper from it. Wore it, and in their meetings, they smoked it. And boy, for some anti- government, stoned out rebels, they sure made one hell of a constitution, am I right? I guess Marijuana users are not stupid, ungodly, or lesser than. Medical Marijuana patients are not drug crazed addicts, they are people that are trying to function. THEY ARE parents, employees, executives, doctors and lawyer... And they ARE in this town. They are not stupid people. They simply just dont want to hurt & are exasperating all options...& that is their right!


Henry_Round_Bottom 7 years, 8 months ago

I am done responding to you partick. You are child like & I am going to ignore your negative bahavior and slandares accusations. I think you need a hobby or just a friend. I reccomend that anyone who knows you gives you a big ole bear hug and tells your inner child that you are valued, wanted, and loved. :)


Henry_Round_Bottom 7 years, 8 months ago

Patrick, I was not questioning how free we are, ( i know that we are a long far way from where our country began) But that is besides the point. I really hope that you can put your beliefs aside and be open to what others think and feel, if for anything, just to fuel your 'rants'. I have read your post history and you tend to just throw your views out there just to initiate a debate, which, I get, its a way to proclaim who you are and what you stand for, but I think for you it is just entertaining.

My P.S. 2 your P.S. is this: Medical Marijuana users are held to the same responsibities that Perscription Pharmesudical users are, and it is PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. If you abuse drugs and that effects your family, costs you jobs & relationships, YOU are responsible for what you have done... and you alone. The pharmacy is'nt, nor is the drug company, and it would be laughable to blame the physician that wrote the script. ( you osee where I am going?) People have brains and no one can think for you. If you make bad decisions in life, that is on YOU. Scapegoats are nice, but thats easy to see through.

If lets say, a drunk driver causes a hit and run realted death, the victims family cant sue the liquor store, or grey goose vodka. It would be the idiot behind the wheel that is at fault. Afterall, when you purchase something, how its used is for the buyers discretion. They should be a good citizen and follow the rules, but PATRICK that just isnt reality. So blame all you want, but that wont make the world better. That wont change society. All you can change is you.... just like everyone else. :):):):):):)


JAHM 7 years, 8 months ago

Your last comment Patrick proves Henry's. If you truly believed in the ideas you posted you would not have to slander others. The points of your article was, I believe, that medical marijuana is just an excuse for stoners to get weed legally. Please correct me if I am wrong. How is it that alcohol is legal when it has no medical value, yet is it not a drug. Just because the views of society tell us one thing does not mean that the masses are correct. If a doctor is perscirbing it then is the physician evil as well? If the state law allows it then what place do we as a community have in banning it? Why have a law if we do not intend to follow it? So yes go to the council meeting and voice your opinion. That is your right as a citizen of this community. But calling others stoners and the like because they have a different view is not proving any point.


Henry_Round_Bottom 7 years, 8 months ago

To anyone that reads this donkey's rants, know, this, I am NOT a 'pot head' I dont use it, nor am I EVER around people that are. I am just not against Medical Marijuana and I think that gets this 'dud's' panties in a wad. Also, Patrick is lucky that I had chose not to use my full name as my user name, or he would be commiting slander on a very public forum.

For the record, I am not "suck on hold from smoking pot", nor am I under the influence of any illegal drugs, which he stated I was.

To quote him, " I know it will be alot harder for a person stuck on hold because of smoking pot, but try. One point you are making for me, without myself even having to try, is pot stops mental growth, and ambition. If your brain was working you would have noticed how decent I was treating you. So try again when you are sober."

If you dont agree with this J-E-R-K, watch out! He makes false accusations without knowing you to illict a response. Also, I am not the only person on here to have an issue with this 'man'.


JAHM 7 years, 8 months ago

Please that is so childish to turn it into a he said she said! you know what you need to do patrick is get off your computer and tend to your own family issues that are going on right now instead of worrying more about everyone elses issues! you seem to always be more worried about other people and what they are doing than worry about your family and what you and they are doing. Go worry about where your kids are going to be going with their life than where other people are going in their lives! I love how your so quick to come on here and tell us about how wrong this and that is with stuff going on in the community like you are oh so holy and have no issues this community would have a problem with. Well I think you are sadly mistaken! GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GO WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOUR KIDS AND FAMILY ARE DOING AND LET EVERYONE ELSE LIVE THEIR LIVES HOW THEY WANT TO. Yes you have an opinion and you are entitled to it, but that does not mean that you can get on here and slander everyone that does not agree with you. IF your going to dish it out, learn out to take it, and if you can't then please save us all some time and the paper some space and stop publishing in the paper. and once again your wrong, i do no drugs and do not drink. I have a full time job and have a family to take care of.


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