Jim and Sherry Kurz: Waiting for an answer


To the editor:

We are still waiting, Moffat County School District.

I wonder how many people have left our school district to go to Hayden or how many people are now home schooling? I wonder how many people never received a call back from the school district expecting an answer like us?

From what I gather, the school district doesn't mind if people pack up their kids to home school or leave our district. I have already had more communication with our online teacher than I am getting with our district, and online school hasn't even started yet.

You know why? Because they want your child to be successful.

I encourage you to look at your child and make sure he/she is getting what is needed. It is essential to be part of the education our children are receiving. We need to be part of our children's learning process at home, but we also need to let the district know what is necessary for our children and to listen and take action when needed.

When is the Moffat County school district going to say, "OK we have a problem and we need to fix it"?

It makes me very sad that the school district doesn't care enough to even contact parents when they pull their child from the district. Don't you wonder why people are leaving? Doesn't it bother you that people are taking their kids to Hayden or home schooling them? Doesn't it put a red flag up making you wonder what the heck is happening here?

I know that our district needs that money to be kept here. But, nothing is being done about it. Once you make this decision to home-school or enroll your child in another district, you don't even get a "see ya."

I urge our district to look at some of our teachers and administrators who are just a warm body. Why do we need administrators who "will get back to you on that," and are never to be heard from again. Why do we need teachers who are too busy with "extracurricular" activities and don't have time for our children? Why do we need teachers who no longer have the patience to be in the classroom?

Please let them know they are one of the biggest influences, or only influence, in our children's lives and what they are doing is wrong. I believe a reminder is essential for all of us. Teaching has the ability to affect so many lives. But, what about those teachers who aren't here for that reason. Where do those children end up?

I know we have so many teachers here who care tremendously. We were so very fortunate for many years. Thank you to those teachers who have been a big influence in our children's lives. I pray for those who haven't. Please move on to other fields where your talents will be better utilized.

We are still waiting for an answer, Moffat County School District.

Jim and Sherry Kurz


barry51 7 years, 8 months ago


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George Robertson 7 years, 8 months ago

Bitter, party of two, your table is ready. What kind of "answer" are you waiting for?? It looks like you've already made your dicision, do you want them to beg you to change your mind and taylor their system to satisfy YOU? Teaching is the most over worked and under paid profession in this country, and they are the most dedicated people on the planet. They obviously aren't doing it for the money. Once you start "home schooling" your children you'll get a handle on just how difficult a job it is.


JAHM 7 years, 8 months ago

PLEASE the craig school district is horrible in some areas! especially the high school!!! because of what I see now with the teachers up their and the kids I am for sure thinking about taking my children to school in hayden! Im not saying that the whole school district is crap, there are just certin areas that need some fixing up a bit. what kind of school lets a kid ditch school for two months before alerting the parents that their kid has not been in school for 2 months? i know when I was in HS that if a kid did not show up for one day parents were called to make sure child was okay and was maybe home sick, or to check if the child was ditching school, and to alert the parents. Like I said there are some areas of the school districts that could be fixed up a bit thats all.


CindyLou 7 years, 8 months ago

I agree Nim, what was the question again? You jerked your kid out of school and you want a phone call? Huh? You probably have a lazy little bugger who didn't want to work and it is somehow the teacher and the school's fault? Education has always started at home. You can't expect the teachers and the school system to fix your little monsters. If you took action in your kids' education five years ago you wouldn't have this problem. It's amazing how our dumpy little school system somehow manages to send kids to places like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. How did those kids make it? Hard work, parental support, and a good attitude. The school can't fix attitude problems, that's your job.....and as we can tell from your letter attitude is everything.


lonelyone 7 years, 8 months ago

Geeze, just because these parents have a problem and want someone to call them, doesn't mean their children are "monsters"! Why is it that people always jump to that conclusion when parents complain about something in their childs life? My kids went to Moffat County schools and I wish I had thought to do something different at times for them instead of saying you just need to buckle down more, you need to stop goofing around. I couldn't have home schooled my kids for anything and I'm not sure I would have driven them to Hayden to school either, but maybe I should have questioned things more myself. I, too, wonder what question Mr and Mrs Kurz is waiting to have answered, but maybe they are right and the school needs to be contacting them to see what's up with their kids not being in school this year....on the other hand since school has not started yet, maybe the district doesn't realize that they are being home schooled or being driven to Hayden???


Really 7 years, 8 months ago

I don't see why it is the school's responsibility to contact parents if they choose to take their kid elsewhere. Parents, or the new school, have to contact the previous school for records, so I assume the school knows where the student has gone. I can't imagine what kind of problem with the school is SO BIG that it prompted that nasty letter. Ms. Kurz - have you talked to the school? Yes, school was out and people weren't around for the summer, maybe that is why you didn't get the answer you wanted.


justamom_01 7 years, 8 months ago

This is not the original letter that I wrote. I had to take out 80+ words. So I guess I did not explain myself well enough. I am not waiting for an answer about homeschooling. Right now it doesn't matter whether they call me for that or not. A couple of days after submitting this letter I talked with the school district. They tried to give me an explanation to one of my questions that had been lingering all year. I have spent the last two years trying to get help with a child. I have had no luck. I feel some children get lost in the system. I have always been a part of my childrens education, this is why I feel we should try it on our own. We have been very fortunate with teachers in the school district, but at this time I feel it is in our childrens best interest to be home-schooled. No, my children are not monsters....well I guess sometimes they are! No, I do not agree that we have a dumpy litte school system. I believe we have highly qualified teachers and district. I also believe that our system spends way too much time trying to satisfy for the state testing. I also believe that some of our teachers need to go...as they do in other districts as well. I do not believe there is enough money in the world to pay a great teacher. I have worked in the district, I know how ungrateful people can be. I also have worked with teachers that don't give a crap. I have seen both sides!!! I am not asking you to agree with me, I am asking the school district to get back to parents in a timely manner and step up and follow THEIR rules. If a parent feels their child needs extra help, well, they probably do! Our district needs money and we have a lot of children leaving. They need to figure out why! Not just with myself but other parents as well.


whispering_rain 7 years, 8 months ago

I know about the school system and how "fast" they stay on top of things. My stepson was allowed by his mother to quit school at 15, against the law in the state of Colorado. Only after my husband stepped in and insisted that he either go back to school or be homeschooled that is when his mother started to homeschool him. This was the beginning of last year. It was only this past June that a principle from the high school finally contacted us asking us why my stepson had not been in school this past year. A full YEAR! They did not even know that he was being home schooled.


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