Bill Willison: Space should be free


I feel that the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association should have all the space they need to accomplish the work they do, at no cost to them.

I do not feel that The Memorial Hospital has anything to say about it. County residents paid for that building and the land.

Now we are paying for a new hospital. I voted against it. This land was donated by Colorado Northwestern Community College, which our taxes and tuitions are paying for. I also think it should be up to the county commissioners and the taxpayers, not the hospital.

The hospital board complained a little while back that they only had a profit of $1.73 million for 2008.

What has happened to all the profit for all these years? With the prices they charge, they should have a bank account with enough to pay for the new hospital themselves.

I was in the hospital for 6 1/2 hours in December 2003. The bill from the Hospital was close to $8,000. The bill for the doctors and nurses, etc., was well over $4,000.

I don't remember the year, it was between 20 and 30 years ago, when my aunt was in the hospital overnight, and the bill was over $9,000.

Granted, I didn't pay property taxes from the time I left Craig in 1954 to go in the U.S. Navy. I came home in August 1976, and I bought property, and started property and all the taxes. I see by the paper that the county commissioners have decided on $500,000 dollars. I still think they should give it to them.

That's what happens when I'm slow in composing and typing a letter.

Bill Willison


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