Melissa George: Clean up after party


Well, folks, judging by the number of empty beer and tequila bottles, and beer cans lying about, you must have had one heck of a party at Cedar Mountain recently.

Apparently all that partying made you a little forgetful because you failed to pick up all those bottles and cans once you emptied them. Your coordination must have been a little off, too, since they were thrown all over the parking lot and trailhead, as opposed to being neatly gathered in one spot.

Lucky for you, I came along and picked up your trash this past Saturday, after taking my dogs for an early morning walk on the trails. I didn't have any trash bags with me Saturday, so I came back Sunday morning to pack everything up and haul it back to town.

All told, it only took a grand total of 25 minutes spread over the course of those two days to clear up and remove your mess.

Let me just say this: while it obviously doesn't matter to you what that area looks like, it matters to me and a multitude of others who enjoy using Cedar Mountain. Either have the courtesy to pick up after yourselves, or better yet, just find someplace else to have your next party. Trust me, we won't miss your presence out there.

Melissa George


als362 7 years, 8 months ago

Here are more of these "children" that think when can or bottle is empty it is heavier than when it was full. These "people" had no trouble carrying all these items IN, but they seem to have lost all their strength when it came time to carry them OUT.


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