Carrie Lawton: Trash a problem


To the editor:

It's that time of year again, when the trash really starts to fly.

It is so noticeable on County Road 29, on your way up to Elkhead Reservoir, that we see people drive by our house and throw bottles and trash out the window.

It flies out of the back of trucks and boats, as well. I walk this road in the mornings and take a trash bag with me every time and fill it. I could fill three-plus, but it's become just too much.

I think we could do a service to all the taxpayers by getting the jail people out there to help clean up the sides of this very popular road.

The weather has been great, and they probably would love to get out and do something.

Carrie Lawton


als362 7 years, 7 months ago

I wish one or more of the law enforcement agencies in this area would pick a spot and watch for this littering for a few days on a weekend or two. If they handed out a few $5000.00 or $10,000.00 tickets for littering, and the story was printed in the paper letting others know what the fine for that littering was, I think some of this childish littering would stop. It never fails to amaze me that someone can carry a full 12 pack of beer of soda into a remote place. But I guess when the cans are empty they must get heavier, because all too many times the empties are left lying on the ground or thrown in the water. Then these same "children" {40+ year old children} that leave their trash all over the place probably complain when someone doesn't come and pick it up. I suppose they need their Mommie to do that for them.


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