Patrick Germond: Unprofessional coverage


— To the editor:

I'd like to thank all the Tea Party demonstrators and their families who showed up April 15. It was peaceful and a very positive experience.

However, the commentators from MSNBC and CNN, introduced "Tea Bagged," in a pornographic context to people of all ages across America and the world.

The commentators of these networks acted very unprofessional during their coverage of the Tea Parties across the country.

These were horrific things to say about my daughter who attended the Tea Party with me, and all the other children who joined in the event with their parents across U.S.

Patrick Germond


JAHM 7 years, 11 months ago

You have to be kidding me right? why in gods name would you post something like this in a local newspaper where more children have access to it? makes you just as bad as the News commentators. Shame Shame.


JAHM 7 years, 11 months ago

I am aware that they already outed it. All you did was bring more unwanted light to it, and made more people, possibly younger people that may not have been aware of it, well aware now. So whats going to happen when these kids or older people who have never heard of it and see your letter with the word pornographic next to it go ask their parents or someone else what it means? All you did was make it worse, not any better. As far as putting it in dictionary context, I have a hard time finding that term in any english dictionary.


taxslave 7 years, 11 months ago

hey patrick and don't tread on me.....

Listen to Celente size it all up. This is excellent info to send to all of yours....


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