Our View: The positives of protest


Craig Editorial Board, January 2009 to April 2009

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Jennifer L. Grubbs, newspaper representative
  • Collin Smith, newspaper representative
  • Marianna Raftopoulos, community representative
  • Luke Schafer, community representative
  • John Smith, community representative
  • Lois Wymore, community representative

— In an impressive display of citizen involvement, about 221 people gathered Wednesday on the lawn of the Moffat County Courthouse for a Tax Day Tea Party protest, joining hundreds of thousands across the country in a movement to show displeasure with the federal government.

Armed with signs expressing their frustrations, the residents railed against issues including taxes, dishonest politicians, gay marriage, abortion, gun rights, the Barack Obama administration and several others.

However, though the issues were varied and many, the central theme of the peaceful people's protest was disagreement with the government and, more specifically, its spending practices.

The Editorial Board discussed the protest Monday and again Thursday. Board members came away impressed with the number of people involved, and the passion they displayed in getting their message out.

Wednesday was a social demonstration for people of like-minded views and kindred spirits to convene and vent frustration.

Although it's doubtful that any governmental change will stem from the Moffat County demonstration - or the thousands of others across the U.S. on Tax Day - the Editorial Board contends change doesn't necessarily have to be born from the event for it to be considered a success.

Board members are like anyone else. We are all living in an extremely difficult, apprehensive and dangerous time.

The economy is on the rocks.

The middle class, of which America relies upon, is evaporating.

Unemployment is on the rise.

The debt is skyrocketing.

Taxes are high.

And, to some, it seems the only breaks anyone is getting are going to corporate plunderers whose only allegiance, only sense of patriotism, is to themselves and the almighty dollar.

Despite working hard and doing their best - the bedrock upon which this country was founded - more people find themselves having less control of their own lives, afraid for the future and doubtful that they will someday be able to leave behind a better way of life for their children.

These are powerful emotions. These are emotions that need an outlet.

Enter the Tea Party protest.

If nothing else, the demonstration provided good therapy for people to be with others who feel the same sense of frustration they do. And an assembly of passionate Americans voicing their opinions and promoting their ideas in a peaceful and legal manner can never be a bad thing.

Although the Editorial Board doesn't necessarily agree with each issue protestors argued against, it's encouraged that we have citizens in our community who exercised their Constitutional right to participate in government and voice their opinions.

The board's support of the protest isn't complete, however.

The board questions whether the people protesting Wednesday can take the momentum built by the demonstration and translate it into real government participation.

That is, attending meetings. Voting in each election. Maintaining dialogue with their elected officials.

Most importantly, coming up with solutions.

A day before the protest, Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., discussed numerous issues with residents and answered questions during a town hall forum at Craig City Hall.

This was a free, public event, open to anyone.

About 50 people attended, a quarter of those who showed up Wednesday.

Why couldn't people attend both?

Bennet, by the way, came off Tuesday as a politico who generally wants to help and someone who is a problem solver.

The group Wednesday did a good job of identifying problems, but there was little offered in the way of solutions.

That, perhaps, was their only failing Wednesday.


nikobesti 8 years ago

"The economy is on the rocks.

The middle class, of which America relies upon, is evaporating.

Unemployment is on the rise.

The debt is skyrocketing.

Taxes are high."

5 out of 6 isn't bad. Taxes are not high. Taxes are extremely low compared to other developed countries and taxes are low compared to other times in US history.



Niko you need to relize the taxes are not just employment witch is the only thing i can come with each time you say they are low start adding them all up every bill youpay phone electric electricity water fuel for you vehicle purchased items food clothing the list goes on every time you spend money for anthing YOU ARE TAXED and the gov is still broke


John Kinkaid 8 years ago

Editorial Board:

How dare you be dismissive, arrogant and elitist. You have no moral high ground and absolutely no grounds to treat the Tax Day protesters as well-meaning, but misguided and ineffectual.

Our government is misguided and ineffectual. And we are doing something about it. We do not want to live under fascism or socialism. Republicans and Democrats are both a part of the problem. Strict libertarianism won't work either. Enough is enough. We are energized!


cantstandtexans 8 years ago

Dear jasonbourne....where were you misguided "GULLIBLE" true patriotic (??!!!) Americans when the criminals in power from 2001 to 2009 were starting politicl wars for nothing more than corporate profit....and spent 6.5 trillion extra dollars up and bove what was taken in taxes...that was borrowed?!!!

You bitch about Obama....apparently....but I haven't heard any of you "TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS" raise you voice towards Dictator Cheney and his bitch...Dufus Bush!! WHERE WERE YOU KNOTHEADS WHEN THESE FASCISTS WERE PREACHING IF'N YOU BE NOT WIF US'N..THEN YOU BE AGIN'US'NS??!!! WHERE??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut your stupid mouths...you're just as patriotic as Cheney is.

I simply hate stupid people. Yeah...stupid!!

Grass roots upraising against the spending. Have you actually investigated this so-called grass roots beginning of the lame T.E.A. protests? You read up on that and then you get back to me on that. BECAUSE IT'S ANOTHER FAKE NEWS GIMMICK THAT STUPID PEOPLE BOUGHT INTO....AGAIN!!!!

I'm surrounded by those that are nothing but sheep.

What would you do Mr Patriotic American? Were you ready for a full blown depression that would have made the last depression in the 1930's look like a kindergarten picnic...but do you care? HELL NO!! CAUSE THERE BE A BLACK MAN AS PRESIDENT AND THAT'S WHAT I SEE FROM YOU T.E.A. PARTY NUMB SKULLS!!! RACISM!!!

Don't think I'm afraid of any of you TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS!! I'm not...trust me I'm not!!! I believe that as long as the government has guns...we will too. But I know that I believe in America more so than what I see in you TRUE BLUE AMERICAN T.E.A. PATRIOTS!!!!

Most of you are hypocrites and rascists. And gullible sheep that buy into a drug addicts B.S....you know......Fat Boy Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh!!!! AN ADMITTED DRUG ADDICT AND YOU SHEEP BUY INTO THAT LARDASS'S B.S.!!!



cantstandtexans 8 years ago

And were you at that town meeting with Sen. Bennet dear PATRIOTIC AMERICAN??!!! NO?!! YES??!!

I'm betting you were not!!


John Kinkaid 8 years ago

I was a registered Republican for 38 years. I actually voted for Richard Nixon in 1972. It's rare to find someone who will admit to that. Last summer I changed my registration to unaffiliated.

I get the sense that a significant number of people are fed up with both parties and where they have taken us. Some moderate democrats who voted for Obama may soon experience buyer's remorse as the changes start trickling down to us. O.K. maybe not a trickle, more like a flood.

Dear cantstandtexans: Your rant was very persuasive.

I couldn't go hear Bennet's talk. I was at what we like to call WORK and unable to attend. You could read the paper and tell that this guy is just another business as usual politico for massive government.


cantstandtexans 8 years ago

I'm not a Democrat nor Republican.

I suppose we are on common ground as to the corruption of this countries political system. Which in fact...it is.

I encourage people to read a noval that was published many years ago. The name of this book is "Animal Farm". Classic. In short...the animals on a farm....with the planning by the intelligent pigs and the strength of a horse and a plan set in motion with all the other types of animals...overthrow the owner of this farm who was extremely cruel to all the animals. A tyrant.

Fast forward....the pigs take over...have the horse taken away to the glue factory, which removed the strength of opposition....and eventually end up living in the farmers house, wearing the farmers cloths and walking upright.

The pigs became just as the cruel farmer was. Morrow of this noval? Be careful what you hope for and fight for. As with human nature goes....you just end up with the same ol' B.S. no matter who's in power.

I too couldn't go to Sen. Bennet's town meeting.....I work (And I'm glad I do have a good job...believe me!!) just like many others do and sometimes/most times I work very strange hours. I do not know if I'll work eight hours in a day or an mechanical emergency dictates I'll be working til the crisis is over....maybe 16+ hours. I'm too old for that to happen on a regular basis and it doesn't happen often.

Sorry I flew off the handle. I've lived to see what this government will do just for a political agenda that helps funnel billions into the coffers of friends. And "we the people"...are beckoned into dying for a political agenda...no matter if it's right or wrong. Speak out against such and you're labeled a subversive and a threat to the state.

I honestly believe that the days of this countries exsistance are numbered....and we may both live to see the day the United States is split up into several different countries. VERY POSSIBLE!!



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