Pat Jones: Who am I? I am a princess


I am a princess.

I'm not a statuesque or regal princess. I'm not a stand-offish princess, nor am I a whiney, demanding princess. I'm not a rich princess. I don't have an ermine cape or a scepter or a tiara.

In fact, my best piece of jewelry is a special little bracelet given to me by my daughters to remind me that I am a princess.

When I wear my special bracelet, I also remember how important it is for me to rejoice that I am a princess. I wasn't born a princess. I didn't come by it naturally. My mom and dad are not royalty, though I do have a lot of "brothers and sisters" who are princes and princesses.

I had to have a personal relationship with Christ before I could understand that I could be a princess. I am God's daughter. I John 3:1 tells us that God has lavished his love on us and calls us his children. I am a kingdom daughter. I am a daughter of God.

However, I am a servant, too.

When I wear my special bracelet, I am reminded that if I am a princess, I must live like a princess and show the world my "princess-ness."

We can have an identity crisis if we base our identity on our circumstances, occupations, personal and professional relationships or even our ministry work or areas of Christian and community service.

Jesus came to give us a new identity - a message about who we are. A good example is the apostle Paul. He called himself a servant of Christ. He found his identity in the Unchanging One - Jesus Christ.

He didn't let the possibility or reality of imprisonment define his identity. We shouldn't ever let our identity be defined by our prisons: our past or present sufferings or our financial, physical, or other limitations. Our identity always should be in Christ Jesus.

In Philippians 2:5-8, we are taught that Jesus made Himself nothing and took on the very nature of a servant. I want that, too. I am a servant of the King, and I am His daughter. I am a servant-daughter of the King. I am a princess!

Pat Jones is the executive director of Love INC of the Yampa Valley.


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