A concern about debt: Anthony G. Stoffle


— To the editor:

Wednesday's Tea Party in front of the courthouse made me think of maybe a bigger problem that this country may have, especially in Moffat County and other coal mining areas in this country.

At this time, the United States owes China billions of dollars. China is building coal-fired power plants at a rate of one going on line a day.

China hasn't had the resource of coal for a long period of time. Most of our coal is on federal lands.

If, to pay off the debt, our government turns over our reserves on pressure from China to pay with coal, it could be detrimental to our country's economy.

But, China would not pay the miners at America's rate, but bring their own labor force in at a much lower rate of pay.

Their miners will have to be housed in existing housing with our government using imminent domain to retain the amount of housing the Chinese would need.

If H.R.45 goes through and is signed by the president, then for the most part we will be unarmed and unable to prevent any of this from happening.

I know this is all conjecture on my part, but it could happen as it has in past history, of which we should have learned from.

Thank you for your time. If you don't print this, I will understand.

Anthony G. Stoffle


taxslave 8 years ago

History repeats itself.....they've labeled a specific people as potential terrorist.

Hitler labeled a specific people too.

I ain't gettin' on that train.


taxslave 8 years ago

I ask you Mr. Stoffle, "Will you give up your gun?" This is a serious question that everyone needs to ask themselves.

Mr. Stoffle speaks the truth. China owns Rio (Colo-Wyo), and yes Hillary met with them, China, and signed away our land as security on our debt. Chinese troops are already stationed in so. california. We have russian troops, canadian troops, bristish troops...you name it....all on american soil already. You could say we are already "Occupied".

The Supreme Court just ruled in our favor on the 2nd Amendment...remember? Are we going to let one man sign and take that away I ask. I believe a man that will take your gun will take your life.

I've owned guns forever and never once have I hurt someone. But then no one has tried to hurt me.

We can never, never, ever let just a few carry guns. If I'm robbed somewhere,believe me, the response time will not be adequate. I hope our sheriff hears me and not only stands by the law of our county but also our recent supreme court ruling.

If we take care of our own we will not have to "call in the troops". We could do a better job of taking care of our unfortunate if they'd quit taxing us to death.


emery bear 8 years ago

i am interested in reading some information on the agreement Hillary has made with china...anyone know where i might find the info?


Really 8 years ago

Oh, so I guess the American troops in countries all over the world makes those countries "occupied" by us?


taxslave 8 years ago

In response to rainbow. We have over 170 military bases around the world. Guess you could say we are occupiers.


cantstandtexans 8 years ago

Hell....let the revolution begin. I have a short list then the list after the short one.

Remember Georgie Bush Sr. and that jarkin called "The New World Order"...? I do. So remember dear conservative believers....where did all this talk of world order start? And remember when Reagan started the insanity with de-regulation? That worked out really swell!! NOT!!

Like I've said....let the fun begin. We'll die in the process...but there'll be a great price that will have to be paid by those that would fight it's own citizens.

Ever think how many chinese will succumb to sniper fire? Yeah...the government, thanks to that wonderful Patriot Act that Republicans were so hot and ready for, is still watching and listening. They know me well...so I understand...so what!! What price is worth the end result for these cowards and greedy slobs?

There's no wall they can hide behind.


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