The Memorial Hospital CFO resigns

Barry Bergman will leave TMH May 1



Bob Lindberg


Barry Bergman

One of The Memorial Hospital's lead administrators - chief financial officer Barry Bergman - submitted his resignation April 9 and will be leaving his post May 1.

Samantha Johnston, TMH service excellence officer and spokesperson, said Bergman's decision was for personal reasons.

"One of the things was an opportunity to live in Alaska," Johnston said Monday. "He had the opportunity, and it was too good to pass up, and he will be moving to Anchorage."

Bergman said he would miss Craig and TMH.

"I'm sad to go," Bergman said. "It will be sad that I no longer get to work with the great staff at TMH, but I'm moving up in the world."

Bergman was the hospital's CFO since April 2007. His departure is the second administrative resignation at the hospital in about a month.

Chief clinical officer Bob Lindberg, who joined the hospital in September 2006, resigned in early March and left TMH on April 3. Lindberg also resigned for personal reasons, Johnston said.

Kathy Fagan, inpatient services director, has taken his place as interim chief clinical officer.

"We've started looking at candidates, and (Fagan) will be on that list," Johnston said.

The hospital has not yet named an interim CFO.

Johnston said Bergman's departure would have no impact on TMH's ongoing construction of a new hospital west of town.

The facility is scheduled for a December opening.

"The big thing there is reporting," Johnston said. "The finance reports that are handed-off throughout the project will have to be handled by the interim CFO, and we want to make sure that transition is as smooth as possible."

Quorum Health Resources, a consulting company, will be tasked with finding Bergman's replacement.

"QHR puts an interim in place, and that person usually comes in within two weeks," Bergman said. "Then they'll stay on for a few months until a replacement is found."

It is unknown how long the CFO position will remain open, Johnston said.

"It's hard to say," Johnston said. "We'll have an interim CFO, and the board will become involved in the selection process so we can find the right fit and select someone who's well qualified."

Bergman said he would use his remaining time at the hospital to finish all of his projects and to help the new interim CFO get acquainted with the hospital's finances.

Turnover at TMH is not uncommon, Johnston said.

"With 200 people, we have people resigning all the time," Johnston said. "There's always turnover, but there are people who have been here for over 20-plus years, so we're still in good shape.

"I don't think the community will notice any change to their service - there's still the same amount of dedication."

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David Moore 8 years ago

How's that ol' saying go..."Patience is a virtue."

So long guys, you'll be missed.


Kyote 8 years ago


Did you type that with a straight face? Besides you, name one single person (by name) who will miss Barry? Not even George is going to miss him. Did you read the email?


David Moore 8 years ago

Yes, I read the e-mail, quite interesting. Yes, I typed it with a straight face. I have been scolded for being negative on this forum, so all I could say was something else....and type it with a straight face.

If you are who I think you are, we've known each other loooong enough, you know what I think.


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