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Tax day protest organizer moves tea party event to courthouse lawn


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What: Tax Day Tea Party protest

When: Noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Moffat County Courthouse, 221 W. Victory Way

• For more information, contact Rick Barnes at 824-6991 or dont_treadonme@ho...

With his Tax Day Tea Party event less than a week away, Moffat County resident Rick Barnes has settled on what his protest signs will say.

One: "No to world order."

The other: "No to tyranny."

Since announcing his idea April 3, momentum has been building to the point the protest's original location at Loudy-Simpson Park will not do, Barnes said.

Something like this needs to be seen, he said, so it has been moved to government's doorstep: the Moffat County Courthouse lawn.

The time and date remain the same, noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday.

"This is to get the attention of the government," Barnes said. "If we're at Loudy-Simpson, we're basically going to be out there by ourselves, not going to get much traffic, not going to be viewed very widely. Some of the business people in town asked that we move it."

Barnes declined to say who asked him to move the location because they requested anonymity.

The protest - part of a national series promoted by The 9-12 Project and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck - is organized around Barnes' belief that the federal government stopped listening to the people in the last 20 years, a "crisis" that culminated in the federal government's $787 billon recovery package approved last fall.

His protest signs hint at what dangers he sees coming in the country's future.

The first is a reference to the New World Order, which Barnes described as when the world is brought together under a uniform currency and banking system.

"If we go to one world bank, one world currency, they will control all the world's governments," Barnes said.

Global banking institutions are pretty much in control of the United States and most developing countries, he said.

Developing nations have been borrowing money to build their infrastructures but now owe so much they can't pay their loans and have relinquished their rights to certain natural resources.

The U.S. recovery bill puts this country in the same position, Barnes added.

Since publicly announcing the event, Barnes said he has been approached several times by residents on the street.

"It was awkward at first, but it's kind of a good thing," he said of the attention. "It has people thinking about why I feel this way, and when they ask, I can tell them."

So far, reaction around town has been overwhelmingly positive, he added.

He doesn't know how many people might show up.

"There could be anywhere from 20 to 300," Barnes said.

He has heard grumblings that there also may be a counter-protest, though he doesn't know if that is true.

Barnes said he made a courtesy visit to Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta's office recently to let him know his intent is to have an entirely peaceful demonstration, but he did not know what others might plan.

Vanatta said he probably will have a few officers at the courthouse during the event, but their only purpose would be to keep the peace between whoever shows up.

He added his officers will not take sides in any disputes.

Although Barnes concedes organizing a political protest is far different from anything he has done before, he said he's not getting cold feet, even with the day fast approaching.

"I feel more resilience to go forward with it," he said.

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emadee 7 years, 11 months ago

This is GREAT that you are having a tea party in Craig. The Silent majority need to be silent NO MORE! We can do something about this and we WILL! Have fun, I will be at my tea party in Sacramento.


Fergy130 7 years, 11 months ago

Wow, a real, live tea-party in Craig! Such a thing has never been seen in this country since, well, The American Revolution. We, the rebels, were fighting for our freedom from tyranny.

My question, where was this tea-party the past eight years? Apparently, government is "taking over our schools, our corporations, our healthcare, and our personal liberties. Those calling Obama and the Democrats tyrants backed a man who:

Started the bailouts, nationalized an insurance company, added a 17 trillion dollar drug entitelment program, and started a government mandated schooling program quite literally titled "No Child Left Behind". He wire tapped citizens without warrants, created secret internment camps in international waters, beyond the jouresdiction of the American Courts, and allowed his VP to live in a world devoid of rules, striking his house from Google map archives, and more imortantly, allowing him to shoot a man in the face and take more power than is constitutionally warranted.

Thank god HE was ok.

Grow up people. Government will always be great or horrible, depending on who's in power.

By the way, the national movement is called tea-bag partys, not tea-parties. Look it up.


jeff corriveau 7 years, 11 months ago

Fergy: Nice attempt at jacking a thread. Try not to live in the past, as the Obama administration is, and CHANGE! This thread, and the Tea Parties (or whatever you want to call them) is about speaking out against a Congress and administration that wants to triple the national debt and drive our great country into economic chaos. It's about idiotic spending and stopping the spread of Socialism in the Republic. I, for one, will be there and will be proud to do so. My family immigrated (legally I will add) after the revolution so this is my chance to stand up and do what I feel very strongly about. You can please keep your apparent left wing ideologies to yourself, or at the very least, go start your own thread!


taxslave 7 years, 11 months ago

I must get on board and speak out too. My grandfather doesn't lay in Arlington National Cemetary for nothing.

It's looking more like Fascism to me. Right out of the Mousalini hand-book.

Wasn't the SS in Germany introduced as Home Land Security?


DONTTREADONME 7 years, 11 months ago

Fergy you need to do a little history or checking your facts the Tea-bag Parties you speak of was a movement to mail in tea bags to the goverment the TEA PARTY'S that you are seeing across this GREAT NATION that you and I live in stemed from that because the goverment was throwing them in the trash and kept going with this Stalin, Hitler, and Mong propiganda. If you don't believe me what was said at the G20 summit about New World Goverment, and currency. if you want to loose you freedoms that I and many, many other Soldiers have fought, died and shed blood for (so you and I can have this dialogue) then just keep your eyes shut. If you believe what I just said then we will see you on 4-15-09 12pm at the court house. Futhermore this is not I repeat not about Dem. or Repub. it is about AMERICA loosing our FREEDOMS!!!!!!!!Too all others thank you for your support.


lonelyone 7 years, 11 months ago

donttread, i am now confused, I thought this was at said see you at the court house??? Also for Fergy, I thought it was Clinton who started the no child left behind??? please do correct me if I am wrong, because I very well could be. I'm not saying Bush was a good president by any means, but he keeps getting blamed for things that other presidents started and have trickled down on him and are now causing problems in the nation. Yes, Bush messed up, but lets put the blame for some of this where it belongs.


DONTTREADONME 7 years, 11 months ago

lonelyone, yes it has moved to the court house because we will get more visability at this location, this was brought to my attention by several individuals to move to the court house so I got everything cleared with city officials to move it, sorry you were not informed. I will have A sign at the park stating the move. again I am sorry. any questions you can contact me at 824-6991. No child left behind was inacted by bush in 2001 right after he took over office.


lonelyone 7 years, 11 months ago

thanks for the info, on both issues. There is no reason I should have been informed about the change, I just was confused. I think your right tho, you'll have more coverage at the court house. I know of a few towns in Wyoming that are doing this too. I hope it does some good.


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