Kim Hernandez: Thanks, Dave Rodriguez


To the editor:

I want to say thank you to Dave Rodriguez for the time he took to coach the girls soccer team.

I have seen a lot of games that have had bad referees, and I'm surprised that I've never been asked to leave the field.

It's hard to contain yourself when your players are working so hard to get to that point, and then you have referees that have no clue what they're doing and make or don't make calls that are fair.

As we all know, and something that my daughter is learning, life isn't fair.

So Dave, I understand. I know that Nicole will do a great job with our girls soccer team, and all we have to do is pull together and do the best we can.

So, thank you Nicole for stepping up and believing in our girls to help finish the season.

Kim Hernandez


twix 8 years ago


I applaude your support of your daughter and the girls soccer team. However, take a class and get a whistle before you complain so loudly about referees. You have no idea how difficult a job this is.


kimh 8 years ago


I know how hard it is to be a good referee both of my children are one.I have seen them action on the field and how mean some parents can be . I'm not one of the parents , I only want the game to be played fair . That is how I have taught my children to be , is fair. They have played soccer since they were little. I have been to so many soccer games where there are poor referee's and kids are getting hurt left and right. I know I couldn't get out on the field and referee but I have watched enough games to know that there a lot of good referee's out there and I do appricate thier hard work. Thank you for your comment.


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