Mary Karen Solomon: Open letter to Al White


To the editor:

Dear Al White,

In the past, I have been a supporter of yours, but that is the past. I am appalled by the irresponsible and devastating cuts you have co-authored in the budget bill, with the intent of destroying education in Colorado, at a time when it is essential to Americans to have good, inexpensive education available.

Such slashes in the education budget would force the community college system to close colleges, and it is most likely that the community college that serves Hayden, Craig, Meeker, and Rangely - your communities - Colorado Northwestern Community College, would be one of the first to close.

Having worked at CNCC in Craig for the last 19 years, teaching the bright and talented young people who have come through our doors during that time, I feel this goes beyond poor support of your district to becoming a possible disaster for our area.

Where will the young people (and the older people, as well) of your district get education, and/or vocational training or retraining?

The rest of the cuts you are sponsoring in the education budget will ensure that the four-year colleges will have to raise tuition to the point that our children will be unable to attend them, but there will be no education available locally for them, either.

Mary Karen Solomon


trout2k 8 years ago

Al white, pull your head out of your behind before the the mobs are at your doorsteps with pitchforks and a torch! If you want to keep your job, you better make some serious changes.


taxslave 8 years ago

I might add that you don't see any of our leaders taking a cut anywhere. Not in their salaries, their pensions or their 100 percent health care.

I guess when the people lose everything they'll wake up.

Thanks for bringing this to the light. California just sent out 27 THOUSAND pink slips to teachers.


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