Julie Dempster: Music needs attention


To the editor:

This is in regard to the April 8 letter from Keath Fenton.

Thank you, Keath, for bringing up the lack of publicity for the school's music department.

It does seem that physical competition draws more spectators and fans, while the arts are left in the background. It's that way everywhere, not just locally.

Go anywhere and you'll find more people willing to talk about Babe Ruth's home runs than Louis Armstrong's influence on jazz.

I suppose it is easier to cover school sports simply because of the numbers: the number of different sports, the number of weekly games, the number of students who participate, and, of course, the number of readers who want the scores.

Where a yardstick is an easy way to determine a value on the field, the arts seem to be less easy to measure, and, therefore, less easy to cover.

So, editor, is there a way to highlight other students on a more regular basis?

Our students are the heartbeat of our community.

As a subscriber, parent and fan of the arts, I would like to see more and consistent coverage on the achievements and accomplishments of not only our band and choir, but other student groups, as well.

Also, my kids will be in high school soon, and what better way to introduce them to the various opportunities that await them than seeing that variety covered in our newspaper.

Julie Dempster


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