Dwayne and Donna Lougee: Thanks to EMTs


To the editor:

We also would like to make a comment about The Memorial Hospital. We have been both patients and visitors through the years and have never encountered anything but professionalism, friendliness and have been made to feel like we were important to them.

Dwayne has been in the hospital many times. It has never mattered whether it was the ER or being admitted at the office. He has been taken by ambulance, and the EMTs saved his life before he reached the hospital.

Thank you, EMTs.

The first heart attack, the ER doctors saved his life. We have been to the ER more times than we like to count. We have always had the most wonderful care and concern from all of the doctors, nurses, EMTs and lab people. We wish we could thank everyone personally, but we would surely forget someone.

Dwayne and Donna Lougee


David Moore 8 years ago

Thank you Dwayne and Donna, I am happy your encounters with us were positive and the outcome was what you expected, we strive for nothing less.

One of the things that has been proven time after time is that pre-hospital care, EMS, can and does save lives, I know so because I lived and worked it for 6 years. I applaud our EMS staff for their countless hours of dedication to our community, a team of them is on call 24/7/365. In days of past we were on call and had to respond from home...for any call. That significantly increased response times and endangered the patient from recieving prompt medical attention, sometimes the difference between life and death. Now, they are stationed at the Hospital and are able to respond immediately, the Ambulance is in the bay and ready at any moment. I've watched them bust A to get out there and get going, you don't want to be in their way.

I sleep better at night knowing that such professionals are at my beck and call. Not only the EMS but this whole place, It would be a nervous life wondering what one would do in a crisis without EMS and a hospital.

As someone once said...Demming I think, a bad experience is shared with 11 or 12 people while a good experience is only shared with 2 or three. I'm happy to see those who had positive experiences here writing letters of support, positive will always prevail over negative. Keep them coming....


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