Richard Beason: My apologies


To the editor:

The purpose of this letter is to provide a sincere written apology to Tony Maneotis and his son, Matt, for my wrongful action at noon Friday at the Spring Expo.

My actions were unacceptable.

I wrongfully verbally challenged Matt Maneotis concerning his displayed product in a public venue.

My error is inexcusable. Therefore, I openly accept the blame. I was far out of line in my approach to the product displayed. Any rationale for my error does not justify my actions.

If acceptable to Tony and Matt, I would meet with them in a public or private venue at their convenience to further throw myself at their mercy.

I also request the acceptance of my apology by anyone having to witness the scene created.

In large part, I do openly wish Tony Maneotis and his son, Matt, the best of success in their business venture.

Again, I was far out of line. I deeply regret my actions. I ask Tony Maneotis and his son, Matt, and others, to accept my sincere apology and regrets.

Richard Beason



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