Patrick Germond: Drugs and gun control?


To the editor:

Like most, I've noticed news reports about violent drug gangs in Mexico, and how "our" government is calling for more gun control in America.

First, who among us thinks that banning American semi-automatic weapons will stop the international drug dealers? Remember, these are the drug dealers who fly in black market goods through Mexican airports, bribing Mexican government officials.

I believe that if Americans stopped using illegal drugs the violence would stop instantly.

Maybe we should legalize drugs? Increasing the user-ship? Would drug dealers ever try to compete over a market like that? With relaxed laws, they actually could move drugs with more ease.

A person may think they are buying a blood-free bag of dope, but who knows? And what about the user next to them, where did their dope come from?

By the time the government taxed up the price, the dealers could still sell drugs at a cheaper price and do just fine. Don't forget the cost of alcohol addiction and the problems it has caused our country and families.

I'm not saying we should ban alcohol, but let's be honest with ourselves and realize what that freedom is costing us. Adding more of the same would drag our country down past the point of functioning.

So, rather than taking action to secure our borders (70 percent-plus of the people favor this), and shaming those involved in drug use, "our" government has decided to attack the lawful gun owners.

This next part is not meant to scare anyone or be threatening at all, it's just some facts.

Like Spartans in ancient Greece, most American gun owners grow up learning the weapons of the day. Most of the military is made up from this group. Also, this group is usually Christian and family oriented, making them a pretty solid group of people.

No other country can match this potential military base nor do they try. Our enemies never want to go toe-to-toe in shootouts with our sons and daughters, it's suicide with shame.

Now, I may be wrong, but if no other government in the world would ever willingly take on this group of Americans, why then is "our" own government bent on giving it a try? Why are they trying to come up with reasons to ban guns? Why are they ignoring things like tax protests (Tea Parties), or the call for secure borders and responsible spending?

It makes no sense.

Let us all remember, "we the people" are in charge of the government. Plan to attend the local Tea Party at noon April 15 at the Moffat County Courthouse.

This event is political party neutral, so please keep that in mind. We can send a strong and peaceful message to our leaders on whatever issue is most important to us.

Who knows, maybe they'll get it.

Patrick Germond



That is prety much to the point were the gov. is with gun control, and the way there going with everything else on there agenda. Just wait till you here what the Black caucus and Pelosi did this past week, will get more info and let you know this weekend.


Ryan_Neece 8 years ago

I'd like to start with a quote from Patrick Germond, author of this article. "Let us all remember, "we the people" are in charge of the government." This is the absolutely crucial point, which can either make or break Mr. Germond's case. The people are in charge of the government. Now, in his letter, Mr. Germond makes the case that the American government, headed by the recently elected Barack Obama, is out of touch, and attempting to push through legislation which doesn't work nor make sense. Now, ignoring the lies, exaggeration and hypocrisy that permeate the very atmosphere of his letter, I would point you to the above quote. The people are in charge of the government. Guess what? You may not like it, nor accept it, but guess who your president is? That's right, the man the majority of Americans voted for, the man that 54% of America voted for. The people have spoken, this man, with his policies included in one convenient package, is your new president. The man who will lead the United States of America. Like it or not, you have to deal with it. Tough luck, eh?


Fergy130 8 years ago

their called tea-bag parties by the way. Look it up.

Let me get this straight, Our "far left out of touch government" is going to anger our enemies? By talking to them?

Didn't our last president bypass that and go straight to destroying their government, electing proxy heads-of-State that would bend to our will, not to the will of the people they are sworn to uphold? Didn't our last president invade the homeland of sovereign peoples?

And talking about our differences to find peace is going to REALLY anger them? Perhaps I need to take another psychology course, because I thought the normal human reaction to agression was to fight. Apparently, it is to roll over and play dead.

Curious that yesterday was one of the bloodiest in Iraq ever. Very curious. I personally don't believe action movies are the way to run a global power.


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