RaChell Novacek: TMH staff wonderful


To the editor:

We have all had good and bad customer service and care issues in the past. We never have trouble sharing the bad ones, but we forget to tell people about the good ones, because they are good.

I know this because of the fact that I have worked in the customer service industry all of my adult life.

In the past 16 months, I have had two extended stays at The Memorial Hospital here in Craig, and both of them were superior in customer service and care, from the doctors in the ER to the people in radiology and all the floor nurses and the lab technicians.

It didn't stop there; the administration also was wonderful.

In December 2007, I was taken to the emergency room. After evaluating my health issues and needs at that time in a very timely manner, I was given medication for pain control and admitted into the hospital where I spent the next six days.

My primary care physician, Dr. Kipe, was out for the first few days, and I was taken care of by doctors Huffmire and Crowe, and everyone was fantastic.

The nursing staff put up with my crankiness and made me as comfortable as possible. After I was discharged, I had some issues with my health insurance company, and the administration went above and beyond to help me with the documentation.

They were very understanding as I made small monthly payments until 10 months later, when everything was resolved with my insurance company and they finally paid.

Then, at the beginning of March 2009, I was again taken to the ER and evaluated and admitted, and I spent nine days there.

Once again, the doctors and nurses were fantastic and took such great care of me.

It truthfully couldn't have been any better under the circumstances.

I had told many people about the fantastic treatment that I had received in 2007, but I decided this time I was going to share the information with more than just my friends and family. I decided the local newspaper was the way to do that.

If you have not experienced the kindness and professionalism of the doctors and the hospital staff at TMH, I would suggest not listening to the hearsay, and give the people there a chance and make your own decisions.

Thank you to everyone at TMH.

RaChell Novacek


David Moore 8 years ago

Thank you Mrs. Novacek for your positive letter, it helps in more ways than is known. Funny how some have the worst experience in their life and others have a very positive one, as displayed by this letter. I'm beginning to think it's not us after all.....


freeman 8 years ago

if you do not have the records and/or x-rays to show your condition that you are raising so much heck about,,,then obviously you are not going to recieve the medication that you came to the emergency room for,,,there are rules and laws that are pute into place for a reason,,


David Moore 8 years ago

I'm gathering by your comment freeman that you are saying we aren't mind readers? You are very right, otherwise as a patient you have to tell us what is going on, you need to provide sensitive information, without it we cannot help you...it's a mutual effort. HIPPA laws are for us, not patients, you don't need to hide anything for fear of getting in trouble...hiding or not revealing information may mean the difference in your outcome. If we have a medical record on the patient, that will help with everything except what is going on at that moment. Thanks for your comment freeman....I was out at 9 today, where were you???


freeman 8 years ago

oh sh-t,,,,i guess i should of not said that,,,sorry david,,,im working ???


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