Catherine Nicoletto Gush: Vote for Jennifer Riley


To the editor:

What a wonderful country that we live in.

Even with the state of our national economy, we are given the opportunity at every election to vote for the candidates who reflect our hope for the future. We, as citizens of Craig, have an election Tuesday for Craig city council members and a chance to choose candidates that reflect our hope and goals for the city of Craig.

Twenty-plus years ago, I was given the opportunity to serve the citizens of this city as a council member. I was young and inexperienced, but I believed in the future of Craig. I, with other members of this community, worked hard to secure financial stability of the city and to have accountability to the citizens.

At 27, I was young, but nonetheless qualified to serve this community for 12 years.

We are fortunate to have many candidates willing to serve this community. One in particular, Jennifer Riley, has my attention. She is young at thirty-something, but she has the willingness to ask the tough questions, to find the best solution for a problem and will work endlessly to make her community the best it can be.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on the Moffat County Library Board of Trustees.

I find in her the young woman I was in 1985, willing to do what is necessary to give back to her community the opportunities this community gave to her as a child and teen.

She has worked diligently to help provide the citizens of Craig and Moffat County a library that we can be proud of. She has served on many community boards and is always willing to do what is needed.

She is opinionated and outspoken. What you see is what you get.

There are no false pretenses, just an honest desire to be involved in the future of Craig.

All qualities needed to be a great councilmember. She would be an asset to this community as a councilmember.

I believe that the current council has done a great job of upholding my hopes and goals for the future of Craig. I think Jennifer would be an excellent councilmember in Bill Johnston's place.

I thank all those who have served and hope that more young people will become active in shaping the future of our city. We need strong voices to continue to protect our city and to help it grow in a financially stable way.

Please take the time to vote and please consider Jennifer Riley as the future of our community.

Catherine Nicoletto Gush


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