Patrick Germond: Looking forward to tea


To the editor:

Hats off to Rick Barnes and his planned Tea Party at Loudy-Simpson at noon April 15. I was writing a letter calling for a local Tea Party, intending to submit it for publication this week. But my wife caught wind of it and said no.

She said it in the same way she does when she puts the child lock on our car windows when I'm in the passenger seat. She says she doesn't want everyone thinking I'm crazy.

Well, I've got news for her that's not exactly an Area 51-type secret. That line of reasoning didn't faze me one bit. Now she's using my crazy against me, telling me I'm going to end up in a FEMA camp. I had to think about that for a minute.

The reason I'm happy to attend Rick and Tami's Tea Party is because recently in this country and state, the "government" slowly started oppressing "we the people."

It reminds me of the recipe for cooking a frog - you put a live frog in warm water, turn up the heat slowly until it's boiling, and the frog won't notice the change in temperature until he's well done.

We are truly in the cooker, people, and the heat is increasing.

Government is taking our money, which represents a piece of our life. They impede or shut down jobs in the energy industry, then turn around and raise our taxes.

California doesn't know whether they will have public schools next year, all the while sitting on top of billions in natural resources. The people running the show are children pretending to be grown-ups.

Every society deserves the government they get. It's time "we the people" show our leaders and the liberal bias media what kind of government we want.

That we insist things must fundamentally change in Denver and Washington, D.C. We have to say something now, before we go beyond any hope of recovery.

Rick, you will not be alone at noon April 15. I also will be at the Tea Party at Loudy-Simpson Park.

Patrick Germond


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