Lila Herod: Election fraud not true


To the editor:

I've been reading some comments on the Craig Daily Press reader forum regarding election fraud, and I feel compelled to respond.

The notion that election officials have banded together to commit election fraud is just not true. I, for one, would never disregard my own status as an election official or ignore the laws, or my own beliefs to make sure only selected candidates or ballot issues win or lose.

We don't measure the success of the election by who wins or who loses, but by transparent logic and accuracy tests, and verification that every eligible elector's vote is counted and by accurate post audit and canvass results.

We get so wrapped up in the mechanics of the job, in the end we really don't care who wins.

We try our hardest and do our best to get it right. We always are willing to look at new ways to improve the voting experience and to restore confidence in the process.

With the help of 51 individuals from our community who served as election judges, we were able to conduct a very successful General Election with an 87 percent turnout. I appreciate their dedication and hard work.

To Tax Slave, Dented Fender and Old Sage:

The election process is transparent and open to the public. From the first logic and accuracy test to the final canvass and abstract of votes. We invite you to join us. You can just observe or work right along side us and be part of the process.

Dented Fender, you say you have proof of election fraud right here in Moffat County because you cast your vote for every communist candidate and your vote didn't register on the abstract.

I've researched every election back to 1988, and there have never been any "communist" candidates on our ballot. I'm puzzled how or why you think you voted for one.

If I've learned anything, it is that governing is far more difficult than campaigning. It is hard work that requires dedication and responsibility. It takes wisdom and courage to do what is best, even when criticized for your choices and decisions.

The Vacancy Committee had a tough job to fill the shoes of a great man.

Any one of the candidates interviewed would have done a great job. Because these kinds of people don't just sit home and complain, they care enough about our community to sit in the hot seat and get involved. Saying that, the Vacancy Committee made a great choice and Audrey Danner is a class act commissioner.

The men and women in the election profession are dedicated to the voters and to the process of democracy. We feel the importance of what we do to make it possible for all of you to participate in government. It is with pride, integrity and transparency that we conduct elections in Moffat County.

Lila Herod


Lawspecialist 8 years ago

They who speak the loudest have the biggest mouth.


taxslave 8 years ago

To Lila....I believe you. Wished they were as consciencious across America. The election judges in Ohio went to prison from the 04 media attention. If you called DC as much as I did and get the obvious runaround by people answering the phones that are clueless to your questions you too would be suspecious. They never return calls or written correspondance. was obvious at the local areas of meet ups during the elections that it was already decided who the votes were for. Sorry, but this is the truth. I was shocked to see how it worked. No discussion about anything....just give us the paper, put it in the envelope, send it out the open counting on it by the way...(counted at back of room by two people).

After envelope left room then someone said, "anything else". As far as I'm concerned an uninformed vote is a dangerous vote. As you can see now, look where our nation is. Another thing worth noting....our congressmen and senators vote on legislation that they NEVER read. Most of our senators are truly embarrassing to listen to.

In the House of reps.....hardly anyone ever is in there. Room is empty most of the time except when they are having a historic vote and even then they only come into the room to vote. Usually they are at some other meeting.

No body knows what is going on nor do they try. They do however have the sense to vote themselves their pay raises in a timely manner.


freeman 8 years ago

lawman,,,whos comment on the schools superintendent was booted off,,,,,,now who has there mouth open ??????


lonelyone 8 years ago

Lila, I think you do a great job and your so friendly and helpful to everyone who comes in with questions. I kind of think dentedfender has a so-so point tho. I have no idea how he has voted, but I think this past presidential election, had someone from the communist ticket on there. There were so darn many different "parties" on there tho, that I could be wrong, but I do think I saw someone from that party on the ballot too???


lonelyone 8 years ago

Speaking of ballots, did all you city residents get out and vote today?? We sit here and complain about how our government is going to hell in a hand basket, so those of you who have been complaining loudly, get out and vote! I would but I can't?!!


craiggirl 8 years ago

Lonley and Dented,

Lila is correct - there were no Communist nominees on Colorado's Ballot. These are the parties that were represented: "The sixteen candidates who are on are the nominees of the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Socialist, Socialism and Liberation, Socialist Workers, Prohibition, America's Independent, Boston Tea, Objectivist, Pacifist, and Heartquake Parties. Two independent candidates on are Ralph Nader and Frank McEnulty; their label is "unaffiliated." his is from You can also google 2008 Colorado Presidential Nominees. As you are aware, it only cost $500 to get on Colorado's ballot. These candidates were not on every State's ballot.


lonelyone 8 years ago

I was just throughing out the fact that there were a bunch of different parties on this last ballot and there could have been a communist party. I think Lila has done a great job and have no complaints about her and what she does at all. I wonder how far a person would have to go back to find a communist party on the ballot?


craiggirl 8 years ago

Lonely - this is exaxtly what you said "I kind of think dentedfender has a so-so point tho. I have no idea how he has voted, but I think this past presidential election, had someone from the communist ticket on there. There were so darn many different "parties" on there tho, that I could be wrong, but I do think I saw someone from that party on the ballot too???" Yuo didn't just throw out that there "might" have been someone. At least own up to your own comments.


lonelyone 8 years ago

and besides I did think that there was, but nice person that you are, you proved me wrong........thank you.


oldsage 7 years, 12 months ago

So there were no provisional ballots ever used in Moffat County and you have seen Obama's birth certificate? Sorry Miss Muffet, nobody has seen his birth certificate or the passport he used in the past. And Harvard has sealed all the records which some have claimed contain statements that he was a foreign exchange student. But the best evidence of all is Mr. Obama's own Grand ma ma on his Daddy's side stated she saw him born in Kenya, which if I remember correctly is not part of the United States and is on the continent of Africa, and I have seen Mr. Bill Richardson, admit on Mexican TV in Spanish that Mr. Obama is an immigrant himself. Why didn't you or don't you demand now that Mr. Obama produce a certified copy of his birth certificate to prove he is eligible to run for and to be president of the United States? So, so much for no election fraud in Moffat County!


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