John S. Kinkaid: Don't socialize system


To the editor:

Currently, in the United States, we are blessed to have the greatest health care in the history of mankind.

Across the globe, there are many extraordinarily talented and brilliant physicians.

I would argue that here in the U.S., we have the majority of them and that we have trained the majority of them.

We have the best diagnostic equipment and the best hospitals in the world. And they are spread all across the breadth of our land.

I also would argue that we have the best health care outcomes in the world, one such outcome would be survival rates.

You pick the disease. This data is available on the Internet.

Compare the U.S. data to data from the U.K., Belgium, France or even Canada.

If you are going to get sick, you want to be here to be diagnosed and treated.

If you will pardon my expression, why on God's green earth would you want to knowingly socialize the best health care "system" in the world?

Why would you want to take away freedom and liberty and exchange that for government controlled rationing and decision-making?

My stepdad was Canadian before he applied for and was granted U.S. citizenship. This is what he said about Canadian health care: "Canadians who can afford to travel to the U.S. come here to get treated."

When they need speedy diagnosis and timely high quality treatment, they come here. In countries with socialized medicine, it can take months to get in to see a specialist and then months to begin to receive treatment.

This would be unacceptable to me, and it should be unacceptable to you, also. And yet government health care rationing is what the Obama administration is asking for. Hmmm.

Seems like I've heard that before.

Oh yes, first lady Hillary Clinton. I remember.

Under socialized medicine, you will wait and wait and wait some more. Then, under government guidelines, you may or may not be treated. You may be "too old" to spend that much money on. You may not be worth it. And if you are worth it, you will then wait and wait and then wait some more to be treated. They are, after all, kind of backed up. Take a number, and they will get back to you.

World-class hospitals, doctors and nurses, clinics and timely care with freedom and liberty. That's worth defending. Call Congressman John Salazar at 202-225-4761 or Senator Mark Udall at 202-224-5941.

Our health care "system" may have room for selective improvements, but socialism has a solid track record of never making anything better, ever. Give me freedom and liberty.

John S. Kinkaid


Really 8 years ago

Obviously, you and your family have the kind of employment that provides insurance. Ask someone with no insurance or with medicare/medicaid how timely their treatment is. This IS about being sure every American has access to the same level of care.


TrueFreedom 8 years ago

Here is the real story. The bottom line is that universal health care coverage is going to cost the taxpayers less money than the current system. If we do not fix this problem it is going to bankrupt the county. This is pretty obvious when you think of a simple example. If someone has a chronic illness and is denied health insurance due to a pre-existing condition where do they ultimately get care? The emergency room. This costs the taxpayer exponentially more money for obvious reasons. Now the counter argument to this is that those people should not receive care in the emergency room if they do not have coverage. Really? Is that the kind of world and society we want to live in? Are you going to be the cop that says no you have to die because I want to save Joe the taxpayer a couple bucks spread out over a year?

We already have universal health care in this county for several large groups (medicade, medicare, veterans, government employees). Why should those of us not in those groups not also get health insurance? We pay our taxes? The politicians (left and right) are in the pockets of the insurance companies. They sit at cocktail parties and laugh at the success of the talking points presented in the above post? They are not on your side. Universal Health Care will save money in the long run. The vast majority of people in the medical profession will tell you this. Whose side do you want to be on? The insurance companies or sick people that just want to be healthy?

Just because universal health care does not work well in another county does not mean it will not work here. This is America after all and we can do better.


STANHATHHORN 8 years ago

Good health care in the private sector currently costs at least $18,000 per year for an employee, spouse and dependents. Or put another way an $8.65 per hour perc for that employee. Are you all ready to pony-up your share for the 47million uninsured? Do you really think anything conceived by the government will be competetive?


Ray Cartwright 8 years ago

Rainbow writes: "Obviously, you and your family have the kind of employment that provides insurance" Why yes Rainbow he does have employment that provides him with Health Care. It is provided by the negotiations between his union and the company through a contract. The one kicker in this argument is that he chooses not to be a member of this union because he doesn't agree with the principles put forth in their bylaws.

Ironic isn't it?


TrueFreedom 8 years ago

Stanhathhorn I don't know if I agree with your figures or not but the reason private health care is so expensive now is that we are subsidizing the 47 million people that don't have it. Those people are still going to the hospital. It just costs exponentially more money because they are not getting preventative care. Insurance companies are making money by denying sick people coverage and sticking it to the people that are lucky enough to have insurance. If you take the huge profits and kickbacks out of the health care system you will dramatically lower the costs for everyone involved. If you increase funding to science, education, and research then I believe we can have the greatest health care system in the world. We currently do not.

What do you mean by the "government"? The government is the people. It is our responsibility to elect competent people to run the government. We have nobody to blame but ourselves if the government is not working properly.


mustang 8 years ago

One of the things that True mentioned is that getting preventative care would help save health care dollars, and that people are not able to get this care due to preextisting conditions. I agree with all of this and yes as the old saying goes prevention is the best medicine. I don't think that we can blame only the insurance companies for the lack of prevention that is costing us millions of dollars, we as people need to do our part of prevention. Having worked in healthcare it amazed me when people would come in and say that they are sick now because they couldn't afford their medication, meanwhile they have a pack of cigarettes in their pocket. How much do cigarettes cost these days? If we want to be able to provide health care for everyone, whether by insurance or socialized medicine, then we as individuals need to do everything we can to prevent health issues. So many of the medical problems that are breaking our healthcare system financially are preventable. COPD/Emphysema, lung cancer, liver failure, diabetes, STD's, HIV/AIDS, many of these are preventable if people restrain from dong the things that have been found to cause them. While many people have type 1 diabetes, the increase in type 2 has been found to be caused by the increasing number of people with obesity. Smoking, drinking, and not taking precautions in relations with other people cause a lot of the other problems listed above and that is what is costing each of us a lot of money. Anyway I could go on and on. Again the only way to save healthcare (either insurance or socialized) is the individual doing everything they can to prevent their own illness.


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